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This Week's Recap // 10

The past week has been quite... uneventful. I got sick last Wednesday, the result of my laziness to open my umbrella when it rained last weekend. That must be it because I can't think of any other reason why I got the flu. I remember we got off the cab and was walking towards Slice in High Str…

Weekend Movies #10

1. Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter. Sometimes, it really pays to watch a film without knowing what it's about. I won't talk much more about the storyline so I won't spoil it for people who'd take interest to watch it. Things I love about the film: a refreshing perspective, beautiful ci…

Big Bad Wolf Burgos Circle, Taguig

Original photo from Mars Guisala
I've always kept visiting The Mind Museum in my mental checklist of things to do whenever I get the time, but when I actually do have the free time I've always hoped for during weekends, I totally forget about it. Last Sunday, I was finally able to go there with a couple of my friends. Yey!

I am a scientist at heart, and this place was able to feed my endless curiosity with its 250-something interactive exhibits! Totally brought out the kid in me! Hahaha!

Loops & Links

Black and white film photograph by Katrina.
Working at nights really messed my sense of time. I woke up last night and realized it's already Thursday, and I couldn't be happier because I just want this shift to end. Hahaha. It's the busiest day of the week for me. So as I'm making this list, it's already a Friday morning and I can feel the comfort of the weekend just around the corner.

Before I wrap up this day (and you begin yours), here's some Internet reads that you may find interesting and helpful:

One. Even though the second season's already ended and it was met with not so good reviews, I still like True Detective. Watch this video essay on why the Nic Pizzolatto-penned series isn't really as bad as they say.

Two. I thought I've already read and watched all there is about The Civil Wars. Apparently, not. I was Google-ing Birds of a Feather's lyrics and saw this write-up: Dancing With a Ball and Chain: In Honor of The Civil Wars. It still excites me when I find something new about them. The Civil Wars forever. Haha.

Blue Water Day Spa Therapeutic Colonic Massage:
Detox for Faster Weight Loss

In this day and age, there are numerous factors that can affect our health. For someone like me, a twenty-something working girl, it's the schedule of my work, exposure to unhealthy food (or lifestyle, in general), and the stress that professional and personal obligations may bring. If I had things my way, of course, I would like to have regular trips to my favorite spa to detoxify at least once every 2 weeks and get rid of all the bad juju in my body!

I was delighted when I was invited by BlueWater Day Spa a few weeks back to showcase their new newest and freshest services along with their new brand ambassadors: Wynwyn MarquezKen Alfonso, Miss Universe 2013 Third Runner-Up Ariella Arida, and Christian Bautista.

The brand ambassadors during the media launch last September 15, 2015.

I Lose Sleep To Binge-Watch These Shows

Image from here.
Ever since the Internet came to existence, I've never regularly watched shows on the boob tube. I did follow a handful of TV series back in the day -- but not faithfully and the closest thing I had to 'binge-watching' was the Seventh Heaven marathon that the now defunct Studio 23 would show for an entire day during the Lenten season.

Times are different now. Everything is really at a touch of a button. Before, some local television stations would even boast how they have 'the same as U.S. airing' of different TV shows. Thanks to the Internet, I was able to watch Game of Thrones an hour or 2 after it's shown in the States, catch up on all 10 8 seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and even revisit some of the greats like Seinfeld or Pushing Daisies (because I honestly had no idea about those before. Haha.) What's even more convenient is that you don't really need a TV, if you have a smartphone or an iPad, you're good to go.

Binge-watching has become an event for most of us (I commemorate these times by using #oldladyweekends haha), usually set during long holidays or even just after the work week. You hoard copies of different movies and sitcoms while you wait for that perfect moment where you could just consume everything you downloaded. If you think about it, in a sense, we don't just watch it, we devour seasons and seasons of different shows in one sitting. We are never satisfied with just one episode -- hell, I got the entire season with no commercials!

The irony is we look forward to weekends because we need the sleep and rest, but we end up glued to our screens for periods of time that we never keep track of until we realize it's time to have breakfast. My mom hates it when I do this but then I point out that time when they stayed up until 3 AM for 2 weeks because they got so hooked with Breaking Bad. HAHAHA.

Favorite Things #32

I almost forgot I had this blog series. Hahaha. The last one was wayyy back in April, then I lost my phone so I kind of neglected the fact that this existed. And maybe because I was participating in Helga's 10 Happy Things? Anyway, I hope everyone's having a great pre-weekend. Hopefully, no more insane EDSA traffic in the following days (though I'm looking at my window right now and the sky's super dark and about to pop rain again). I recently bought a breakfast table and I've been blogging comfortably on bed. Some days I feel like I won't ever get out of my bed. Hahaha.

One. My best friend finally getting hitched! I'm really super happy for these two. A DIY wedding that they prepared for, for like a month and they managed to pull it off! We were all super stressed the day itself but everything went perfectly. I made the buttercream frosting for their wedding cupcakes and I can't wait to make a bowl and eat it while doing a Penny Dreadful marathon.

Two. Waking up to a sea of fluffy comforter. Spent an afternoon at Muffet's house and her bed comforter was just so damn soft. Haha. (Edit fail: The post title on the photo actually covered the comforter. Lol.)

Three. Rocha's puto and kutsinta with cheese. Soooo good!

This Really Happened / This Is Fiction

Image from Rookie Mag

Your mom probably thinks I'm such a drama queen.

A friend once told me the best and quickest way to get out of the mess I got myself into is to endure. But I think he forgot to mention that it would be hella painful. I've been enduring (as if all the suffering before isn't enough), hoping to wake up one day and everything wouldn't feel like anything.

A few mornings back, I came to this realization: Enduring doesn't really do me any good.

I'm already a year into this whole ordeal but maybe for some people, this putting on a brave face works, but it's not the same for me. The more I endure, the more I crash and give in. In the end, the circumstances take an even larger part of me.

Save the Children's Lahat Dapat:
A Campaign Against Hunger and Malnutrition

Follow Melcha's story here.
“The assumption has always been that Filipinos are just genetically short but we what we actually see now are generations of stunted and malnourished children. Because ‘shortness’ is considered a racial trait, it is not seen as a serious concern. Stunting is more than just being short, it impacts children’s future because it hinders physical and mental growth.”
- Dr. Amado Parawan, Save the Children’s Health and Nutrition Advisor 

I was reading Save the Children's press release regarding their latest (and biggest) crusade against child malnutrition, Lahat Dapat, and this statement really made an impact. Sad to say that I'm one of those people that thought the same way. There's a constant stream of news of how our country's economy is getting better but it's heartbreaking that the reality is that problems like malnutrition and hunger are still persistent.

Krung Thai Restaurant Marikina

The first time I ever tried authentic Thai food was back in 2009 at the well-known S.R. Thai Cuisine in Dapitan. I even posted a short review about the resto in the now defunct Multiply. Back then, I was more of a cheeseburger kind of person and trying Asian cuisine was a totally big thing for me. Hahaha. I remember dining at Just Thai in Molito, too, for my mom's birthday celebration. That was it for me. I don't have much knowledge about it except for pad thai. Hehe.

Bell was raving about Krung Thai for quite some time now, and finally, we were able to go there a week ago. I wasn't supposed to go but I changed my mind the last minute because I wanted to eat somewhere new, and oh boy, this was one of my best decisions in life. Haha!