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Bedroom Inspiration: Life In Mono(chrome)

During the past few arduous weeks at work, there were only 2 things that I look forward to at the end of the a tiring day to destress: reading manga and browsing Etsy for bedroom fixtures. Around 3 or so months ago, I moved to a condominium in Taguig with a friend, and it being the first time that I get my own room (I've lived in studio-types before in Makati), I've been kind of obsessed with decorating it. This is what a corner of it looks like now --yes, everything is predominantly in black and white, well, because I love black and white.

I lean towards "effortless" designing (okay, I may just be lazy haha) and a bit of organized chaos. I'd trade picture frames for those electrical tapes to put photos and other things on the walls, and I'd rather have books pile up in a corner than have book shelves or book ends.

Here are a few cute picks I've stumbled upon on Etsy and some other sites when I searched for pegs: 

One Staggered pendant cluster lighting. I don't even need fourteen pendant lights. Haha. Maybe three is enough. Just to hang it beside the bed just like how it's shown on the photo. I don't have much space to have an actual bedside lamp so this is just perfect.

Two Vintage metal alarm clock. Seriously need an alarm clock. This vintage one just looks so classy.

Three Study table by Cactus. I've always wanted a little nook in my room where I can do my work properly and comfortably. As of the moment, I'm still figuring out how to position my table in a way that the natural light coming from the window would be more utilized. I haven't figured it out yet... so I do my work on the bed. Haha. #smallspaceproblems

Four This particular poster. I live by these words. Haha. I need this in my life!

Five // Six Pillows with geometric prints/designs. I like clean prints as accents. There's something soothing about straight lines and color blocks. So easy on the eyes. I always thought geometric prints are a great way to jazz up a minimalist, all-white room without going overboard!

I normally do not delve into posting mood and inspiration boards because I know nothing about design (haha), but lately, the adult in me had me squealing at window treatments, duvets and bed sheets and side tables and clothes racks and quick trips to Ace Hardware. And I just need something to keep me on track throughout this whole deal. I easily get distracted so I figured this is a good way to visualize how I want the end product to be.

Do you have any design inspirations you can share? :)