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Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?

Blogging is one of the very few things I was able to sustain throughout the years. I am in no way an artist -- I can't hit notes, I'm no good at dancing, I'm not particularly exceptional at playing any instrument, I can't draw or paint to save my life, I take pretty interesting photos every now and then but writing (and eventually blogging) is the only solid creative outlet I have.

I love weaving words, stitching in photos and forming stories until it fills the blank page that's been staring at me since I clicked the "New Post" button. I love to create something out of impulses and moments of pure inspiration and share it with everyone. I equally love it when days drag on and I just look fixedly at my laptop not knowing how to start. When my brain is ripe with ideas and I'm able to execute it the way I envisioned it, it gives me a certain satisfaction, a little calming rush. But sometimes there are just those moments when your mind is filled to the brim and yet you can't transform it into something, you can't seem to bleed.

I remember late last year, I almost gave up blogging and I can't even recall the exact reason for it. I skipped a whole month here and it was not even because I had nothing to write about, maybe it's because too much was happening but I was so uninspired. I'm just so happy I got over that phase because I can't ever imagine my life not doing this. Ever.

Whatever your creation maybe: a song, a photograph, your thesis, a novel or an app, before you finally produce your best piece of work, your magnum opus, the creative juices must be a constant stream, the innovative spark must not die and your muse must be looking down on you. So the question remains: Where the hell does one get inspiration? As the popular saying goes:

Inspiration is everywhere.

Here's my list (applicable to everything else as well):

1. Food. My blog started out like others: with cryptic, angsty posts filled with emotions. Hahaha. As time went by, I focused on a certain niche, and that's giving feedback on different restaurants I try with my friends and folks. I love delectable dishes and a pleasant dining always puts me in a good mood. I figured, why not? It branched out to 'The Lazy Girl Tries To Cook" wherein I whip up something easy and filling and prompted gastronomical adventures when I visit different towns and regions. I love to eat, I love to write, let's do them both!  

2. Music, movies and books. This is probably my biggest stimuli. This post is actually inspired by the first page of Chuck Palahniuk's novel, Diary (that photo at the top.) Great movies and soundtracks trigger me to write short stories and create playlists and most of the personal stuff I put here. I love discussing my favorite films, sharing my current mood through music and taking photos to capture moments. When you feel you think you're going through a creative drought, surround yourself with books, play some background music or just scroll through your favorite Instagram account.

3. Observations. I love people watching. The simplest things I observe from other people prompts me to write. Day-to-day happenings, the weather, street art, people's remarks and comments, the surroundings, personal goals; I always have a little notebook and pen in hand, ready to jot down different ideas and concepts that come to mind.

4. Other blogs, online art magazines, online design magazines, comics, etc. I spend so much time on my laptop that coursing my way through different websites is still the best way to keep interesting ideas at bay for me. The Internet's infinite and will never run out of fascinating things. Take advantage of it. Browse people's personal endeavors online like the 365 project, Pinterest, participate in link-ups, help other people turn their visions into reality, team up with other bloggers/designers/art enthusiasts, do a guest post, contribute an article, contribute your art.

5. Going out, traveling, meeting and engaging with new people. I've been blessed to have been able to travel at least once a month since late last year and the feeling of first stepping foot on an unknown place never gets old, and I get to discover something new about myself each time I travel with my friends. It doesn't even have to be out of town trips! A few years ago, I decided to change my life's pace a bit. As opposed to forever staying home to sleep, I went out during weekends. I attended music festivals, art galleries, museums, met a ton of people from the local art and music scene, participated in blogging workshops and experimented on dating apps. Hahaha!

Basically, these are the things and experiences that surround us. So yes, in a nutshell, inspiration is everywhere. But you see, here's the real truth:

Inspiration is everywhere but you have to be looking.
- Jane Pauley, The Texas Conference for Women

You should have the initiative. Start something and do it everyday. Just make something beautiful, never mind what other people would think, never mind if other people don't care. Don't wait for your muse to come visit you in your dreams. Stop waiting for epiphanies. Stare at the blank page as long as you have to, write down whatever comes to mind, be willing to make mistakes. Go ahead and fill your canvas with colors of how you feel. Just show up and don't just wait for the inspiration come to you. Inspiration can only do so much for us. It's a boost and a driving force, but what sustains is when you work hard for it, the passion and always striving for the better. That's the most important thing: carrying on after the creative catalyst has passed and you're met with the tedious work that comes with it.

Another tidbit of wisdom I found on this website:

Like a mistress set out to tempt you, then suddenly leave, inspiration is not your true love. The work is.

So whenever you feel unmotivated, just keep in mind that successful medical trials, unforgettable films, life-changing blog posts and heart-wrenching poems don't happen over night. Set aside your excuses. Just do it. Keep on going. Experiment. One day, the inspiration will come crashing through your door. Let it hang around and let it move you. Work even harder, then let go of it together with all your mistakes, stay passionate, and every little thing will be worth it.


  1. I also get my inspiration from the things you've mentioned above, particularly observation... whether it be in real life, while driving, or reading my timeline. It also helps when people ask me questions, so I have an idea what to write! :D

  2. Thank you for this, Trish! :) I love this one : Stop waiting for epiphanies. :)

  3. I get inspiration from the same things. :)

    One thing about me in terms of blogging, I don't write just because I feel like I have to. I write because I want to. Sometimes when I am in the midst of writing an entry and then suddenly my feelings or focus is not on it anymore, then I stop. When I write, I want it to be the only thing I want to do at that very moment. :)

  4. Sorry nakalimutan ko sabihin yung main point ko --pa share ng mga movies!!!

  5. Hahaha! Gusto mo Dropbox? Kaso iddownload mo pa din yun. May stable internet connection ka na ba jan?

  6. Gusto ko yan! You get to know a person better pa by the files they share with everyone!


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