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The Lazy Girl Tries To Cook: 10-Minute S'mores Dip

A s'more is a famous campfire treat composed of 3 things: graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows. I've never had legit s'mores before (meaning roasted mallows sandwiched in between graham crackers and a layer of chocolate enjoyed while camping under the stars hehe) and the closest thing I've ever had before are s'mores cupcakes. Also, to be honest, when we've got graham crackers stocked in our pantry, the first thing that comes to mind to prepare is a mango or peach refrigerator cake instead.

We had an impromptu baby back ribs party last Sunday over at Muffet's house which became a sort of catch-up weekend also for us friends. And since we know Muffet is crazy over s'mores, Ian had this fantastic idea of preparing a s'mores dip as our dessert. Ever since we saw this Buzzfeed Food video, we've been itching to make one ourselves so we figured this is the perfect opportunity!

It looked super easy that after we bought all the ingredients, we were afraid this will turn out as something of a Pinterest fail. Hahaha. But fortunately (and obviously), it didn't. It took us just 10 minutes to prepare and cook it! It was like magic happening right before our eyes! So I've decided to share it here. Because it is extremely easy to do and let's face it, photos of delicious desserts are just so nice to look at.

1 pack 180 grams Goya Easy Melt Chocolate Buttons (milk chocolate variant)
1 pack 500 grams marshmallow
1 pack 200 grams M. Y. San Grahams
2 pcs. 1/3 size deep foil pans

Line the bottom of the foil pans with the chocolate buttons. Make sure it is covered with chocolate and it is evenly layered. Go crazy with it! (No, just joking. Put just enough.) Arrange the marshmallows on top of the chocolate. Put it in your oven toaster (yes, we used an ordinary oven toaster!) for 5 minutes or until you reach your desired golden brown shade of the marshmallows!

Break yourself a piece graham cracker and dig in to this sinful, sinful sweet snack! We never expected that it will turn out great. Hahaha. It's good to the last lick! :)