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Sebo Pacific

When you ask anyone who's from Cavite where to go to eat, the obvious answer will be in Tagaytay. I think it's one of the top reasons why people bother going to Cavite. There's a slew of restaurants that doubles as attractions in Tagaytay that people go out of their way for: Sonya's Garden, Chateau Hestia, Antonio's, Marcia Adams, Bawai's, Lime and Basil, Don Limone Grill (!!!), a whole bunch of Korean restaurants along Silang and some cozy nooks along the way. You go to Tagaytay usually for quick escapades, Ternate for the mountains, Kawit for the dose of history. Bacoor? Bacoor is synonymous to traffic, most definitely not reminiscent of Maginhawa or BF Homes ParaƱaque. Believe me.

Then I heard about The Backyard Food Truck Community in DasmariƱas late last year. I was so happy about it (but never been there yet) just because somehow, this place where I've lived all my life is beginning to show potential that it can actually be a food hub.

And earlier this year, this hole-in-the-wall resto, cleverly named Sebo Pacific, started popping up in my Facebook News Feed. A lot of acquaintances from Cavite have been recommending it! I give it a five agad for that super witty name. Hahaha. After finding out that it's about 10 minutes away from where I live, of course, of course, OF COURSE, we had to go there and try their food.

I've had so many attempts to go here prior our actual visit: with colleagues from work, with high school friends, with anybody willing and available on a weekend (haha) until finally, after accompanying my best friend, Cy, and her boyfriend, Pabs, to visit their wedding venue, we decided to drop by here and have early dinner. FINALLY!

The place reminded me of the Kapitolyo neighborhood and also, House of Bulalugaw in Project 4, Quezon City. It's one of those garage-turned-restaurant types. Though this one is decorated with metal concert posters and horror movie-themed things. *cringing at A Serbian Film* I know my brother would love it here. Less than 20 seating capacity, I think? So yes, this spot gets filled pretty quick. It's a good thing the place was empty when we arrived.

Their catchphrase is "Putok Batok!" so yes, their menu is pretty straight up in that league: meaty, juicy and sizzling goodness. All meals come with a cup of rice and veggies as side. Here's what we had (plus a pitcher of Dalandan juice and Leche Flan for dessert lol):

Mine - Barbecue Ribs (PhP 120)
Cy's - Breaded Porkchop (PhP 90)
Pab's - Sizzling Bulalo (PhP 140)
Crispy Dinuguan (PhP 90)
First things first. It took around 45 minutes before they served our food. 45 freaking minutes. It was a full house that night with a queue building up but no food was coming out their kitchen. So basically, our food was delivered at our table the same time the last seated person's order was delivered. No one from their team came out to tell anyone why it's taking so long. We were all just looking at each other wondering what's happening in their kitchen. Well, actually, one couple did follow up and one of their food attendants said, "Palabas na po yun."

Now that's out of the way, let me say that I liked their Barbecue Ribs. I think you get your money's worth for it, but it was cold when it reached our table. *sad face* Nonetheless, I still liked it. I love the smoky, tangy barbecue sauce-smothered tender slab of ribs.

Though their white sauce seems to be a big hit for most people, Cy and Pabs didn't like it. Pabs said there was too much sauce, he can't taste the bulalo in the Sizzling Bulalo anymore. It got lost in all the buttery, creamy flavor. Same goes for Cy. I guess different strokes for different folks.

I think their Crispy Dinuguan is a must try. Perfectly crunchy. Perfect with another cup of rice. We all loved it. It was sooooo good.

Overall, Sebo Pacific should still be on your must-visit spots in Cavite. After all, we must support hole-in-the-wall nooks like this! I don't know if that kitchen trouble was just a hiccup or it's a long standing problem but I think the dishes are still worth the trip (well, if you're from the South haha), but I do hope they do something about it. Another pro is that they have free Wi-Fi and unlimited ice! That definitely counts for something, no! Big groups of friends will definitely appreciate this place! Will come back for the Barbecue Wings! :)


Sebo Pacific is located at 332 Diamond Street, Perpetual Village 4 (inside Justinville), Panapaan 8, Bacoor, Cavite
Operating Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays / 6:00 PM - 2:00 AM
Contact No.: +639223841569
Official Facebook Page
@sebopacific on Instagram