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Shari's Berries: Literature + Desserts Pairing Guide

Coffee, tea or hot choco always seem to be the preferred accompaniment to reading a good book. True enough for me, I usually have hot choco on one hand while I flip through pages with the other. But you see, desserts are actually more fitting. There's nothing better than nibbling on your favorite sweet treats while getting lost in your favorite piece of popular literature. Well, the next best thing to that would be to munch on something that's actually lifted off your favorite book's pages, right? Enjoying a mug of Butterbeer while reading Harry Potter? How about strawberry crepes while burying your nose in Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl? That, in my opinion, is the finest way to fully appreciate a great story.

Folks from Shari's Berries sent me a copy of this infographic to share with everyone, so the next time you pick up a copy of these novels, you would know what dessert to go with it! Enjoy!

(Images from berries.com used with permission)


  1. Omg, THIS IS SOOOO CUTE. Just bookmarked this. Thanks <3 <3

  2. I agree! Enjoy the art of eating while reading, Kristel! :)

  3. But what do I eat while I read blogs? LOL. Cute graphics! :D

  4. Your question really got me thinking. Hahaha!


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