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Graffiti Hunt at BGC

Yesterday, I made a list minute decision to do a photowalk at BGC for this project I'm working on. I didn't mind the weather since I needed a little drizzle for the photos. But when I arrived at High Street, the rain started to pour hard. There were barely any people there as much as I want to just people watch and take random pictures, so after a good half hour and much Google-ing, I decided to just make most of my time and effort by wandering around to find the art works made during the ArtBGC Next Act One Festival and maybe discover some other more along the way. I've been seeing some of the murals whenever I commute to and from work and I figured I'd take the rainy opportunity to do a sort of art hunt.

Armed with my hoodie, this map and my ever trusty folding umbrella, I traipsed all over BGC to find these graffiti gems. (Disclaimer: I admit to not knowing any of the artists featured during the festival. Thankfully, the Internet is here to the rescue.)

First up is this art by Nate Frizzell which can be found at Fully Booked (Marker E on the map). I've noticed that most of his works are combination of children and animals, this not being an exception. Looking at this particular piece, I can't help but feel the innocence, with the possibility of a wild heart underneath it. And this totally reminded me of Calvin and Hobbes. (Official site / Instagram)

The second one I saw was this really huge mural (here's a scale for better idea) that's the width of an entire building wall, particularly the Icon Plaza (Marker D on the map). It was made by CYRCLE, a 2-artist team from Los Angeles, California. If I am not mistaken, this wall art is called Between the Lines, which is part of their exhibition titled Nothing Exists! Tilt your head to the right -- I love how this actually looks like an astronaut hovering outside planet Earth! (Official site / Facebook / Instagram)

Faile is a Brooklyn-based duo that while their primary approach is centered around painting and print-making, over the past decade, Faile has adapted its signature mass culture-driven iconography to vast array of materials and techniques, from wooden boxes and window pallets to more traditional canvas, prints, sculptures, stencils, installation, and prayer wheels. (source) This is my second favorite out of all the murals I've seen. :) You can see this painted on the wall of the One Icon Place (Marker C on the map.) (Official site / Facebook / Instagram)

I wish I took a better photo of AKACorleone's burst of color artwork instead of this one with a light pole in the middle (Marker B on the map). AKACorleone is Pedro Campiche's illustrator/graphic designer pseudonym. He is from Lisbon, Portugal, and his works are always a visual treat: captivating illustrations, experimental typography and strong hues. (Official site / Facebook / Instagram)

Right beside AKA Corleone's illustration are these 2 murals made by Dee Jae Pa’este, which is part of a 4-mural art work called Mother Nature. Mother Nature was featured in last year's Arts BGC's Music in Art, Music is Art. I've already seen the first one before, when we would frequent Early Bird Breakfast Club but was surprised when I saw the second mural when I made a turn for the stairs towards High Street! (Instagram)

Tucked in a little corner of the Globe Tower (Marker F in the map), this piece by Drew Merritt is my favorite out of the bunch. I felt a little bit sad just by looking at it, like there was some sort of inner struggle and loneliness in it. I don't really know if that's what he's trying to convey but I think it's powerful that his art was able to invoke intense emotions from spectators. (Official site / Facebook / Instagram)

This one, titled Andres, Katipunan Supremo. is by Doppel. It was also featured in 2014's Music in Art, Music is Art by ArtBGC. (Official site / Facebook)

And it came full circle. The last graffiti I saw that gloomy day was another one by Nate Frizzell. This one is located at ROX. There are actually a couple more of his works within High Street that I wasn't able to see because I made the decision to go home.

I've been living in the Taguig area for a few months now, and this is a great way of enjoying long walks along its streets, plus you get acquainted and get to learn to new types of art. Heck, I enjoyed it a lot even it was raining! Down side though is I'm currently down with the flu. Hahaha. Looking forward to doing another photo walk next week for those graffiti I've missed! Yay! More solo adventures!


  1. Curious ako sa personal project na 'to! :D

  2. Those artworks are beautiful! In the few times that I visited BGC, I never noticed them. Probably because I was set to do specific things there and not just wander around. :))

  3. Wala lang naman! Hahaha! Photo walk tayo pagbalik mo o kaya pagdalaw namin jan ha!

  4. Me too! For me, it's just a matter of I didn't know where to look. I frequent Fully Booked in BGC but I didn't ever notice the Nate Frizzell mural there! There's actually a handful more that I plan to see next time. :)


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