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Friday's 10 Happy Things #3

This week sure did bring a whole lot of rain to the city. Traffic's already bad enough on normal days, bringing a heavy downpour to the equation could really, really, REALLY test one's patience. Aside from the fact that I got sick the past few days, it's been an okay week for me. Here's my third list for this link-up:

1. My weekend is longer than my work week. I'm still enjoying my 5-day weekend right now. :)

2. Date night with my family. I wasn't able to go home last week so I arranged a dinner date with my folks when I arrived home last Thursday.

3. A creative collaboration with a certain brand. But the pressure. The pressure!

4. Garlic cream cheese and tomato toast!

5. Polite and funny conversations with cab drivers during traffic. Some of them have the most insane and hilarious stories!

6. My latest unhealthy obsession: Mi Goreng topped with fried egg.

7. Everything on 8-bitfiction. Gold.

8. Crossing out bills that I've paid for on my list. #Adulthood2K15

9. This video. I still laugh each and every time I watch it! Hahaha!

10. Seeing Neve Campbell and Hilarie Burton in Grey's Anatomy.

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