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The Lazy Girl Tries To Cook: 10-Minute S'mores Dip

A s'more is a famous campfire treat composed of 3 things: graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows. I've never had legit s'mores before (meaning roasted mallows sandwiched in between graham crackers and a layer of chocolate enjoyed while camping under the stars hehe) and the closest…

El Nido Adventures: Part Three

Day Three

The (shy) sun and clear sea worshiping continues! Tour A consisted of island hopping (or should I say, lagoon hopping) through 3 different lagoons and 2 beaches. During our stay there, pouring rain kept happening every night so we're always apprehensive if a new day of exploring would push through. We woke up to just light drizzle again, thankfully, which means it's a go. Three days into this, I have been completely taken by this paradise. 

Sebo Pacific

When you ask anyone who's from Cavite where to go to eat, the obvious answer will be in Tagaytay. I think it's one of the top reasons why people bother going to Cavite. There's a slew of restaurants that doubles as attractions in Tagaytay that people go out of their way for: Sonya'…

Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?

Blogging is one of the very few things I was able to sustain throughout the years. I am in no way an artist -- I can't hit notes, I'm no good at dancing, I'm not particularly exceptional at playing any instrument, I can't draw or paint to save my life, I take pretty interesting pho…

Shari's Berries: Literature + Desserts Pairing Guide

Coffee, tea or hot choco always seem to be the preferred accompaniment to reading a good book. True enough for me, I usually have hot choco on one hand while I flip through pages with the other. But you see, desserts are actually more fitting. There's nothing better than nibbling on your favor…

Weekend Movies #8

1. Spring. My friend, Terrence, brought this film to my attention as the movie boasts to be "a hybrid of Richard Linklater and H. P. Lovecraft." That reason was enough to make me devote around 2 hours of my weekend to watch this flick. The build up of the story was gradual (maybe conside…

El Nido Adventures: Part Two

I kept putting off posting about Day 2 of our El Nido trip last month because I dreaded the tasks that lie with completing a travel blog post: sorting photos, identifying which pictures were taken where, remembering the places and getting screenshots from Ian and Charm's combined GoPro videos. Anyway, this post is up, so that just means I managed to do everything, finally. I'm still trying to be as comprehensive as possible in blogging about my travels, so my apologies if you find the information inadequate. If you have any queries, feel free to drop a comment. So without further ado...

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Day Two

After a quick breakfast again at Silog Republic, we started our Tour C adventure. We were now joined by Honey's cousin and funny girl, Doll, and her friend, Garnet. The morning was not so bad, still gloomy and all; this time, we were accompanied by another big group of Pinoy travelers.

Our boatman cut off the boat's engine about 45 minutes after we left Buena Suerte's shore. We were informed that our first stop for the day was the Hidden Beach.

Loops & Links

One.“Be awake enough to see where you are at any given time and how that is beautiful and has poetry inside.” Click here to read (and hear) this rare 1995 interview with Jeff Buckley wherein he discusses his philosophies on life and music.
Two. A few days back, someone who attended Comic-Con leaked …

Friday's 10 Happy Things #3

This week sure did bring a whole lot of rain to the city. Traffic's already bad enough on normal days, bringing a heavy downpour to the equation could really, really, REALLY test one's patience. Aside from the fact that I got sick the past few days, it's been an okay week for me. Here&#…

Graffiti Hunt at BGC

Yesterday, I made a list minute decision to do a photowalk at BGC for this project I'm working on. I didn't mind the weather since I needed a little drizzle for the photos. But when I arrived at High Street, the rain started to pour hard. There were barely any people there as much as I wan…

5 Noteworthy Android Apps

In this day and age, there is an abundance of smartphone apps that suit every possible human need, and the good news is, chances are, it's free! Did you know that there are about 1.4 million available apps for download in the Google Play Store? Crazy, right? But sadly, a lot of these are are m…
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