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Weekend Movies #7

1. Song One. If you are patient enough, at some point, you will like the film. I personally think it's a mood piece with that kind of slow, sometimes dragging, pace. It's kind of predictable when Anne Hathaway decided to join the indie scene sporting her already grown post-Les Miserables haircut. Of course, she would go indie with a pixie. (Oooh, that rhymed.) I know it doesn't really bear anything, (haha) but that's the first impression I got. It's got that Once and Begin Again vibe all over it but not quite hitting the right notes. (µ)

2. The Hundred-Foot Journey. I love films that has the element of gastronomy in it. The film was touching and thoroughly enjoyable, especially on parts with all the cooking! If you've seen romcoms, I'm sure you have predicted on how it will end but it's just very well done. There were no too-big conflicts but all the characters' stories were very engaging! I loved the clash between the cultures, and later learning to blend the two. Such a great feel good movie with an excellent cast. (µ)

3. The Last Five Years. I'm not a big fan of musicals (note: I didn't finish Dreamgirls when we watched it in the cinema). I love films, I love music but for some unexplainable reason, I don't like the combination of the two. The only ones I've liked are The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Across the Universe, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and Dancer in the Dark (is that a musical?) I tried sitting through the entirety of The Last Five Years but I just can't (but I think I decided to watch something else by the middle of the film). There were even no talking parts! It's like this one big song cut into small chapters. It's like they're singing the same melody throughout the entire film. I believe fans of musicals will enjoy this but if you're new to the genre, I think this would not be a great first film to watch. (µ)

4. Wild. The opening scene drew me into the movie quickly. And the idea of a solo hike by a first time hiker, I was really intrigued. Spoiler I love how this is a film about a woman's survival of a 4,286-kilometer hike, at the same time, her survival from her own self-destruction. End of spoiler There are no grand, exciting parts, Witherspoon was mostly talking to herself and having flashbacks about her life, but I liked how it was simple and honest. Of course, the title aside, this is compared to the film Into the Wild, which has the same concept though the latter is still better in my opinion. Head on to film discussion boards and you'll notice how people either think this film was great or a complete waste of time. For me, it might be boring on some parts but it serves its purpose of inspiring nonetheless. (µ)

5. Kingsman: The Secret Service. I fell asleep watching this film. Not because the film was a bore but I think I was just too tired and sleepy when we decided to put this on. Hahaha. I'm including it in this list anyway since it has high ratings on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes! (µ)

6. The DUFF. Darn it. All the ~feels~ I have for this film. It looked like some typical movie about high school but I stopped for a second look because I like Mae Whitman as an actress. Reminded me a tiny bit of Mean Girls especially that part explaining the different types of groups of people in high school; also, the TV series Selfie because it had a bit of the story line of Pygmalion. Of course, one would think it's the same old story of not fitting in in high school but there were so many scenes that I'm sure a lot of us can relate to (I know I did. On a lot. A lot.) The film is funny and witty, but gets serious on some issues once in a while. I definitely enjoyed this film more than I thought I would. (µ)


  1. The Kingsman is a wonderful, wonderful movie as well as Wild! Hehe! Too bad you fell asleep watching Kingsman hehe :D

    I haven't watched the last 5 years yet, but I've seen the musical itself, and I am not a huge fan. Hehe. You should try Chicago or Rent tho, beautiful films that are actually under the ~musical~ genre! :D

  2. Definitely watching Kingsman again, maybe this weekend!

    I don't know why I can't make it through the end of musicals, tbh. But okay, taking your word re: Chicago. I think I've already watched Rent sometime ago. Hmm. Thanks for the suggestions! :)

  3. Kingsman's so brutal yet it's very nice! My sister recommended it to me then thought I'd never like it but turned out to be something I'd really enjoy watching and is on my fave's list now. Hope you could watch it again soon wide awake :"> Trust me, it's worth it! :)


  4. Yeah. I've been reading great reviews about it, I guess it was the wrong film of choice when you know you're ready for bed. Hehehe. It's lined up this weekend! Thank you, Lou!

  5. You're welcome! I guess musicals aren't just your type of tea. But that's okay! Hehe! :D


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