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Friday's 10 Happy Things

It's time to finally join Helga's blog link-up! I thought it was a pretty cool way of reminding ourselves that there's a lot to be thankful for and we could always find things (big or small) to smile about. Posting it on a Monday though (~such rebel~) because I just came up with my list today. 

1. Taking a leave from work on a Monday. There's just something oddly calming with the thought of not going to work on a Monday. It doesn't spoil your Sunday night and you don't feel extra anxious with the wave of workload ahead.

2. Had an 'old lady weekend.' You know that moment when you preferred to stay home and watch some 90s films instead with hanging out with friends and going places? I did that this weekend. I watched Almost Famous (finishing the film this time), The Big Lebowski and The Shining.

3. Looking out the window and seeing the blue skies and fluffy clouds. (Yup, that photo on the top.)

4. Staying in the shower until my hands are all pruney. I hate the summer heat!

5. Game of Thrones' episode 9. I'm still thinking if this should fall on this list given the turn of events in today's episode. I always wanted to watch this series with friends because of how freaked out I get each and every time! Hahaha!

6. Waking up to bacon, eggs and hotdogs cooked by my mom.

7. Champorado topped with Bear Brand powdered milk!

8. Cleaning up my external HDD. I've been putting it off for the longest time because it's such tedious work but I finally did it today (halfway there haha) because I can't find my copy of She's All That. Hahaha!

9. THE RAIN. Lots of it! Crazy weather we got! (Also, not worrying too much about the flood it will cause.)

10. Chris Pratt in Parks and Recreation. ❤️‍

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  1. Yehey for happy things! I really wanted to post mine too, but it's not a friday and I'm not much of a revel as you are. Hehe! I promise to post one of these by Friday tho! :D Yey!


  2. It never seems to rain in BGC when I'm here. :(

    And I love showering 'til my fingers get wrinkly, too!

    Helga | blog.ditz-revolution.net

  3. How long will the avocado mash last when refrigerated? :)

    Helga | blog.ditz-revolution.net

  4. THE RAIN! The heat of the sun got too annoying recently, so I'm glad it's starting to rain already! :P

  5. I used my avocado mash for 3 consecutive days. Good pa naman sha nun tho mejo nagdarken yung color pero I think kase di ko sha nakalagyan ng cover nung nasa ref. :)


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