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Friday's 10 Happy Things #2

Another week, another list! The past few weeks have been all about vacation and relaxation, I'm having the best time so far! After our trip to El Nido, workload has been really light. I'm really making the most out of it before the peak season comes again around July.

1. Sorting gigabytes and gigabytes of photos and videos from our El Nido vacation! I still have island hopping hangover! I'm laughing alone right now while watching our GoPro videos!

2. Muffet and I went to SM, originally planning to buy cheap white bed sheets. I ended up buying shoes, curtains, bed sheets and pillows. I kind of feel guilty about buying so much stuff but it makes me happy that I get to design my place the way I want. :)

3. Finally getting a copy of Grey's Anatomy's seasons 8 to 11, True Detective's sophomore season's first episode, Orange is the New Black's entire Season 3 and Mr. Robot!

4. Parks and Recreation's Leslie and Ben! They are so damn cute.

5. Parks and Recreation's April and Andy. Yes, they deserve a separate bullet point. These weirdos are just so adorable and funny.

6. Noah and the Whale's 5 Years Time. I'm currently making a summer/road trip playlist and this is my favorite track so far. I can't help but bob my head and tap my feet to the music.

7. Finally making the trip to Baguio next month with my college friends happen! This is kind of a big deal for all of us because we've never been on an out of town trip together and we've been friends for 11 years. Go figure! Haha!

8. My mom's text message that she cooked spaghetti and saved some for me. :)

9. The trailer for the new local film Waves. Breathtaking cinematography.

10. Making this list. :)

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