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Let's Get Out Of The City: A Playlist

The albums I always listen to whenever I go out of town or even just commuting to and from work are the following: All of The Civil Wars' albums, Radiohead's In Rainbows and Kodaline's In a Perfect World. Lately, I've added Jeff Buckley's Grace to the rotation. These take turns…

Friday's 10 Happy Things #2

Another week, another list! The past few weeks have been all about vacation and relaxation, I'm having the best time so far! After our trip to El Nido, workload has been really light. I'm really making the most out of it before the peak season comes again around July.
1. Sorting gigabytes a…

El Nido Adventures: Part One

"Anong gagawin mo sa El Nido eh hindi ka naman marunong lumangoy?" ("What are you supposed to do in El Nido when you don't even know how to swim?") That's my mom's initial reaction when I informed her that I'd be gone for 5 days to go to El Nido with a few friends. To be honest, I really thought of backing out. Because it was insane for me to spend that much time on huge bodies of water when in fact it makes me nervous. *cringing at the thought of seeing a Portuguese Man-of-War* Our tickets were booked last year, and as the days crept nearer and nearer, I was really having second thoughts on pushing through. See the following tweets I posted ~3 days before our trip:

Add the fact that I have less that PhP 3,000 in my bank account (bills, bills, bills ate my budget), I was so afraid everything was going to be a disaster for me. But then I finally realized why I wanted to go: I miss flying. Flying gives me a natural high more than being on foreign land. It actually doesn't matter where I'm going, I just missed riding planes and traversing the skies and clouds.

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Departures and Arrivals

"Why do you smell like pancakes?" I lazily asked him when he stirred beside me. I woke up nuzzled against his right shoulder and for some reason, I could smell cinnamon and maple syrup. The sun hasn't fully risen yet, I could see the stretch of deep blue night skies making way for the…

Friday's 10 Happy Things

It's time to finally join Helga's blog link-up! I thought it was a pretty cool way of reminding ourselves that there's a lot to be thankful for and we could always find things (big or small) to smile about. Posting it on a Monday though (~such rebel~) because I just came up with my lis…

The Lazy Girl Tries To Cook: Avocado Egg Toast

You know the saying, "When life gives you lemon, make a lemonade," right? Well, in my little kitchen, the lemons are always in the form of eggs. You may have also noticed that for my previously posted recipes, egg is always a component. I try to make one hell of a 'lemonade' out …

Weekend Movies #7

1. Song One. If you are patient enough, at some point, you will like the film. I personally think it's a mood piece with that kind of slow, sometimes dragging, pace. It's kind of predictable when Anne Hathaway decided to join the indie scene sporting her already grown post-Les Miserables h…

Hannah Jacobs x Lara Lee

As someone who's been in a relationship that spanned for almost a decade, a short with a title like The Darkest Truth About Love is as inviting as my favorite brand of chocolate cake and as interest-spurring as some reality shows. I think I may have taken pride in knowing and experiencing some…
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