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Snippets: Banahaw Tugtugan 3 - Music Under a Full Moon

One of the perks of having friends like mine is I get to know about the ~*~coolest~*~ gigs and of course, attend them. I was very fortunate to catch for the second time the Banahaw Tugtugan (it's the festival's third year) in Bangkong Kahoy Valley in Dolores, Quezon. 

Last year's was certainly a feat to beat (haha) with a ton of unforgettable things that happened and I can definitely say it was one of the best nights I've ever had. PURE FUN.

Aside from enjoying the music, being with nature (first time pitching a tent! well, I was taught how to pitch a tent haha) and the company of friends, Banahaw Tugtugan is a concert for a cause. It's for the benefit of the Bangkong Kahoy Youth Educational and Environmental Fund. 

Here's a bunch of photos during the event (all taken by friends; credits at the bottom) because my phone's battery was running low when we got there, I was too lazy to plug it somewhere far from our tent, and then it got stolen/I somehow lost it the next morning. I know. Sad.

A hornbill taking interest at our tent. Haha!
Them fun people :)

Photos before and after the cut by LJ Pasion, Muffet Sta. Maria, Ria Alarcon and Denvie Balidoy.

Staple food: SPAM!!!
We saw 2 rufous hornbills (locally called kalaw) flying freely around the camp site
Mountain stories and ukelele music

The moon!
Lambanog-fueled bodies dancing to Talahib's tunes (LOL at everything after this!) Too many cute photos I cannot share! Hahaha.

Of course, I had a grand time, as usual. Though I lost my phone during this trip (I've accepted and moved on from it. But I'm in dire need of a new phone because I need Google Maps constantly), it didn't make the event any less enjoyable on my end. The crown has been passed down (LOL), which made everything even more epic than it already is. 

If you've never been to music festivals, an out of town event is the best way to go for your first time! See you next year? :)

For more information about Banahaw Tugtugan, please visit their Facebook page.