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Loops & Links

Hello, hi. This new blog post is brought to you by my renewed addiction to the Internet (which may have been enhanced by the absence of a smartphone.) Still marveled by the thought that I was able to survive a week of not being too in touch with my social media accounts! It's quite liberating, in a way. Though, slight RIP, Instagram account. But promise, I'll be back soon! Or never. Whatever.

Anyway, I curated a handful of links that I think are worth sharing and checking out. Here ya go:

One. I found this blog, Anna the Red, that focuses on making bento. I've stumbled upon her post in which Anna replicated some iconic food from some Miyazaki films into the real thing! What a genius. I don't know if anybody else have attempted to do this but this was such an interesting concept to do! I now make it a personal challenge to copy the breakfast food from Howl's Moving Castle and the ramen with ham from Ponyo. Haha!

Two. Here are different beautiful illustrations of Alice in Wonderland by different artists: Salvador DalĂ­'sLeonard Weisgard’s, and here's a compilation of the best illustrations of my all-time favorite children's book.

Three. I made the mistake of reading this BuzzFeed article while I was at work because it was sooooo hard to quietly laugh --  more like laugh boisterously but without a sound. Tumblr is just gold.

Four. As The Neglected Books Page's site says: "Here you'll find lists of thousands of books that have been neglected, overlooked, forgotten, or stranded by changing tides in critical or popular taste." Now we would never run out of things to read in this life time!

The next two links are for those who like reading about fun factoids and bits of information. I really, really like those, you know. Tidbits of trivia or when I discover something that's hidden in plain sight. Statistics turned into wonderful charts and pie graphs. There's just something oddly soothing when things are in certain order.

Five. Spurious Correlations - connections between two sets of data that are completely unrelated to each other. For example: the correlation of US spending on science space and technology and suicides by hanging, strangulation and suffocation is 99.79%! Haha!

Six. Little Big Details. New favorite website!

Seven. I never imagined that at some point in my life, I would actually own outdoor-sy items like Earth mats and rolltop bags and learn to pitch a tent and consider buying a hammock but yes, it is happening. Haha. Here's a guide I found on Rookie Mag's site, a list of things to bring and reminders when staying outdoors.