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Favorite Things #31: My Video Picks of the Now

Putting a new twist to this blog segment because as much as I want to show photos of my hand-picked favorite things the past few weeks, I don't have any because I still have no phone. Haha. So instead, I'm listing down a couple of videos that I've enjoyed watching lately.

1. Taking Back Sunday's Better Homes and Gardens
For some reason, the first time I heard this, it reminded me of Everything Must Go from 2009's New Again -- theme and energy-wise. Haven't seen any great vids from the band recently and I'm really pleased with this one. First, let's just all do each other a favor and get over the fact that they have changed so much since Tell All Your Friends. And I really loved how the band turned out now. People just need to let go of the TAYF era. It doesn't make them less of a band. They grew up (damn it, they're all fathers now) and so did their music, which was for the better. /rant Liked the symbolism of watching a burning house (was it the house described in Everything Must Go?), how Lazzara looked so rough on the edges but you can see the rawness of how he felt. And Lazzara's just so sexy here. That hair~ Haha. I just had to say it.

2. Alice in Wonderland (1903)
I've recently just discovered that the first film adaptation of Lewis Carroll's beloved children's book was actually a silent film directed by Cecil Hepworth and Percy Stow. The film lasts for ~8 minutes, slightly unfaithful to the original story. It creeped me out a bit when I first saw it to be honest. Just look at the rabbit.

3. The Making of Poison and Wine
And my affinity for this duo still continues. After a year from their break up, I still live through their music videos and listen to both their albums everyday. I just recently saw this, and God, the feels just wouldn't stop. I don't even know why I'm so hung up on them! Today, Joy Williams released a new single called What a Good Woman Does, which was her way of addressing The Civil Wars' demise. The song goes: Hear me. I haven't lost my voice without you near me. I can tell the truth about you leaving, but that's not what a good woman does. This certainly reignites and adds more fuel to the fire about speculations on the real reason why they broke up. But it was just a sad, sad beautiful song. I wonder how John Paul White felt about this. There's really a big contrast between how they were in this video and how they ended up as described in Joy's latest song. (That was a mouthful. I could talk about The Civil Wars for days.)

4. Game of Thrones: The Musical by Coldplay
I had so much fun watching this. I think it's so cool of the GoT cast (and Coldplay!) that they take some time off for a project like this to help out and also to make fun of themselves! Chris Martin looked like an eager little kid excited for his school project. Extra brownie points for Kit Harington on that sexy, sexy song! Jon Snow and Ygritte still got that hot chemistry! And that scene between Alfie Allen and Iwan Rheon was hilarious! Every bit of this was pure win! Can't stop laughing! If you're a fan of Game of Thrones, you must watch this!

Do you have any favorite videos to share? Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. That Coldplay Game of Thrones musical is everything. EVERYTHING.

  2. I could watch it over and over again! It never gets old! Sooo funny!

  3. The avocado cheesecake looks so good. I know for sure my Mama would love it.

  4. Tastes so good! I've been craving for it since then!


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