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Boob tube Boo-hoos

(As of writing, there's already a new episode of Game of Thrones that aired. Also, if you do not watch Game of Thrones, iZombie or Constantine as they are broadcasted, this might contain spoilers for you.)

Even though I seldom watch TV, I have a handful of TV series that I faithfully follow. A few of my favorites are, of course, Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, How to Get Away with Murder, Constantine, Stalker, Modern Family and iZombie. I don't watch them all at the same time (haha), and I also prefer that, for a example, a whole season has passed before I start watching them so that I wouldn't be put through the agony of waiting episode by episode. But today being the age of downloading and almost everything within a click of a button, it's so easy to catch up. It just took me an afternoon to watch the entirety of iZombie and just a weekend to breeze through 2 seasons of Modern Family.

And last week was such a tough week for some of my favorite shows. (LOL sorry I am so affected.)

1. Constantine

Constantine was not renewed in NBC for a second season. *tears* Now this one, I already saw coming. Firstly, I've never really been a fan until I watched the movie adaptation of Constantine (which majority of people totally hated). I guess because I was never aware of the comic books, I never had expectations with the film. But just so you know, I totally dig it. After the film, I got into reading the comic books then I read online that there will be a TV series. And I was ecstatic. Matt Ryan is just a firecracker as John Constantine. He's feisty and witty and sarcastic and perfect. But the series had that vibe that it was just for one season. It has always felt that way from the start. I know it has a huge following but I guess it was not enough. Still rooting for the show to be picked up by CW or Netflix or Hulu. So if you're a fan, you can help by signing the petition here. I already did.

2. Game of Thrones (Season 5, Episode 6: Unbowed, Unbent and Unbroken)

Yes, let's talk about that scene. GoT has been under fire for having a rape scene yet again. (Okay, all those controversial scenes before, Khal Drogo + Dany's and Jamie + Cersei's with dead Joffrey in the background, are still under a huge debate as to whether it could be classified as rape or not.) The few minutes leading to the end of the episode was just horrible. I've never read the books so I've no idea on how the story was supposed to be. But I truly hope this is a turning point for something. For Theon, perhaps? At some point during the earlier seasons, I hated Sansa's character because of she ~adored~ Joffrey and turned blind on everything. But she's the character that has endured so much just to make it through. And now she's raped by the most sadistic character on the series. What more could happen? She gets pregnant with that bastard's child? Ugh. This must mean something. With all the commotion in the world wide web with this episode, I was really intrigued because I haven't seen it until last night. It's no way as cringe-worthy as Khal Drogo and Dany's consummation episode. Nope. Alfie Allen's acting chops was so great, I think I may have cried a bit. Ramsay is a monster.

3. iZombie (Season 1, Episode 9: Patriot Brains)

Another series based on a comic book! I had doubts at first about sitting through episodes of this but I've grown to love it as each episode progressed. Plus the fact that Rob Thomas is one of the writers and producers of iZombie. Yeah, there was some Veronica Mars feel here and there. I squealed a little when Percy Diggs and Ryan Hansen appeared in an episode! Anyway, one lesson I've learned in the world of TV series is that if all is going well, someone's bound to die. Liv just found ~*~love~*~ with another zombie in the form of Lowell Tracey. He's just sexy as hell and I admit it got me hooked on how their relationship will turn out. But TV heroines can never have everything. OF COURSE NOT. Just as we tiptoe to the series' few remaining episodes, they kill Lowell with a gunshot to the head, point blank, because he was such doing a noble thing for Liv. And Liv's reaction to it (as she witnessed everything) just broke my heart. I was expecting that Lowell would turn up alive in the next episode because I remembered Major shooting the Candy Man in the eye and he didn't die. 

But he died. He's gone. :( On Episode 10, she then ingests the brain of an alcoholic journalist, hoping that somehow this could help her deal with everything. That scene when Liv was standing next to his body sobbing uncontrollably was so sad. Everything is just turning to a mess! Major checks himself to a psychiatric facility, Ravi left with no choice but to confirm Lowell's death as suicide, Liutenant Suzuki covering up for Blaine and the missing kids rate continue to go up! The only consolation is that Ravi, though bitten by the zombie rat, was by some miracle, not infected. (That and it was renewed for a second season! Yay!)

Man, things are quite depressing last week. I need to start watching Parks and Recreation. Any recommendations?


  1. I've only read the Constatine and GOT in your post 'cause I actually plan to watch Izombie (so don't want spoilers hahah) as for GOT, I have read the books (still waiting for Winds of Winter) and I was quite appalled when I watched that episode. It wasn't supposed to happen (at least for Sansa) so I was thinking what plans do HBO have for Sansa? this is quite exciting because it means there will be something new for those who have read the book. I love both the books and the HBO series, they're different in many ways. The layering of characters in the books is just whoaaah! So I encourage you to read them =)

  2. Yeah, I've been reading online that the show is deviating further away from the original storyline in the books, which, I guess, is a win-win situation for all of us because it keeps us at the edge of our seats. I will, one of these days, get a copy of the books and read it. I hope you enjoy iZombie as much as it has grown on me! :)

  3. "if all is going well, someone's bound to die"
    I will keep this in mind so I wont break my heart again. LOL

  4. I sound so nega pala. Haha. But it applies naman generally to all things, even IRL. Not necessarily dying though. Hahaha.


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