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Truth Thursdays: To Answer Your Question

Questions, I’ve got some questions I want to know you But what if I could ask you only one thing Only this one time, what would you tell me? - Questions, Jack Johnson
Everything unraveled and wrapped up before my very eyes, and most nights, I can't, still, characterize and categorize the situation…

Boob tube Boo-hoos

(As of writing, there's already a new episode of Game of Thrones that aired. Also, if you do not watch Game of Thrones, iZombie or Constantine as they are broadcasted, this might contain spoilers for you.)
Even though I seldom watch TV, I have a handful of TV series that I faithfully follow. A …

Favorite Things #31: My Video Picks of the Now

Putting a new twist to this blog segment because as much as I want to show photos of my hand-picked favorite things the past few weeks, I don't have any because I still have no phone. Haha. So instead, I'm listing down a couple of videos that I've enjoyed watching lately.
1. Taking Back…

Satinka Naturals Coffee Shop & Bistro Makati

I first heard of Satinka Naturals through Muffet, as she is friends with its owner, Satinka Felipe. She told me the restaurant serves organic, healthy food with vegan and vegetarian options. We've always made mental notes of visiting the place but it keeps getting pushed back for a number of reasons. I've managed to finally drop by last week when I met up with Joyce for her birthday lunch treat. She surprisingly recommended Satinka Naturals after reading about it on Spot.ph. And also because it's just a stone's throw away from where she lives and works, and it felt like she was under the impression that I was easing my way into being a vegetarian after our other lunch date before at Corner Tree Cafe. (I'm trying to eat healthier but I don't think I can ever be vegetarian. Haha.)

Nowadays, getting healthier options for food has become more accessible than before. But usually, healthier means something on the pricier side. It's difficult to let go of junk food because it's readily available and let's face it, a lot cheaper. I, honestly, most days would go for pancit canton than a bowl of greens. Hehe. Though if my budget permits, I would love to go to more places like this.

After we arrived and had a good look at their menu (which reminded me of Sagada food), we proceeded upstairs to be seated and to place our orders.

As opposed to the hectic and hot street of Pasong Tamo, the interiors of Satinka Naturals were laid back, (almost peaceful) comfortable and cool. There were low rustic tables and lots of pillows for lounging and chilling, and some soothing background music. Art pieces adorned the place and there was also a little shelf with books in it. Plus points for the great feel and ambiance!

January 2015 Travel: Palaui Island

I think I can never be good at blogging about my travels. It's either I post a summary or a photo diary, or about the food you should try/ the place's specialties, but never a detailed, blow-by-blow account of the trip -- little bits of information like what type of transportation is avail…

Loops & Links

Hello, hi. This new blog post is brought to you by my renewed addiction to the Internet (which may have been enhanced by the absence of a smartphone.) Still marveled by the thought that I was able to survive a week of not being too in touch with my social media accounts! It's quite liberating, …

On Excess and Whys

I've stopped asking for rationales ever since it ended, ever since I met you and ever since the first day happened. Yes, in that particular order. I never bothered to turn around and take a moment to contemplate on the reasons because knowing you, frankly, there aren't any to begin with. I…

Snippets: Banahaw Tugtugan 3 - Music Under a Full Moon

One of the perks of having friends like mine is I get to know about the ~*~coolest~*~ gigs and of course, attend them. I was very fortunate to catch for the second time the Banahaw Tugtugan (it's the festival's third year) in Bangkong Kahoy Valley in Dolores, Quezon. 

Last year's was certainly a feat to beat (haha) with a ton of unforgettable things that happened and I can definitely say it was one of the best nights I've ever had. PURE FUN.

Aside from enjoying the music, being with nature (first time pitching a tent! well, I was taught how to pitch a tent haha) and the company of friends, Banahaw Tugtugan is a concert for a cause. It's for the benefit of the Bangkong Kahoy Youth Educational and Environmental Fund. 

Here's a bunch of photos during the event (all taken by friends; credits at the bottom) because my phone's battery was running low when we got there, I was too lazy to plug it somewhere far from our tent, and then it got stolen/I somehow lost it the next morning. I know. Sad.

A hornbill taking interest at our tent. Haha!
Them fun people :)

Photos before and after the cut by LJ Pasion, Muffet Sta. Maria, Ria Alarcon and Denvie Balidoy.

Shelf Life: Haruki Murakami

Man, I totally suck at keeping my promise last year to read more books. I posted this a while back in the hopes that I can get the ball rolling again in terms off crossing out some books of my list. Just laughing right now at my effort to try and finish not one, but three books! How ambitious! In …