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Weekend Movies #6

1. The Skeleton Twins. Some parts of the film got too dark and depressing, it's like having a glimpse of someone's private moment that makes you feel like you're intruding. I was truly blown away by both Hader and Wiig's performances. I remember Hader playing the character Stefon Meyers in SNL. I was almost kind of waiting for a little bit of Stefon to come out in his execution of this role but he gave so much more than that. And I almost forgot to mention Ty Burrell! I'm on a Modern Family marathon recently and it was a bit of a surprise to me to see him not playing Phil Dunphy. This movie is heartbreakingly awesome. (µ)

2. Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance). Michael Keaton and the film as well made such a buzz at most award giving bodies this year, it's hard to not to want to watch this film. You'll be the judge. There's a general uncertainty as to why this film won so much awards because there's a lot of people who found this pretentious and boring. Personally, it took a while before the film became engaging, showing us the the struggles of an actor famous for that one film. I am still a bit perplexed on some parts. Though I really, really liked Emma Stone in this film. Also: read this Birdman analysis. It helped me to understand the confusing parts. (µ)

3. Magic in the Moonlight. Last Woody Allen movie I've watched was the powerful Blue Jasmine, but I know it would be unfair to compare the 2 films given the big difference in their storylines. Magic in the Moonlight is heart-warming and pleasant but not the first film that would come to mind if you want to watch something on a Saturday night. (µ)

4. Penelope. If I remember correctly, this was the movie that made me fall in love with James McAvoy (hahaha). Both characters of Christina Ricci and McAvoy were pleasing to watch (~chemistry~) and the story was whimsy and quirky and enjoyable. I love Catherine O'Hara as Penelope's mom! This movie is just adorable! (µ)

5. The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby (Her). If you're expecting a film about a Beatles' song, this is not it. However, it is indeed about the sort of "disappearance" of someone named Eleanor Rigby. The film is in 3 parts. Well, each movie can stand alone, there's just 3 perspectives: Her, Him and Them. It's about how people dealt with grief, trauma and loss, as told in the protagonists' point of views. (µ)

6. Lilting. This movie deals with cultural and age differences as well as sexuality. There's something dream-like and delicate in the way Lilting was made. It's quiet and slow, almost tiptoeing but moving in its own way. I found myself close to tears in some scenes because every now and then, a chord is struck. A touching film worth the watch. (µ)


  1. I've been putting The Skeleton Twins on hold for the longest time and decided to finally delete it earlier because I thought it was boring during the first few scenes. I even fell asleep while watching it. But now I kind of regret that with what you just said. Maybe I'll just re-download it or just stream it online. :)


  2. Helga Gabrielle WeberApril 14, 2015 at 5:43 PM

    I've been meaning to watch The Skeleton Twins and Birdman but I still have so many episodes of Scandal to go through! I wish I had more time for movies. :(

    Helga | blog.ditz-revolution.net

  3. It's so sad how I have not seen a single movie from your list. I am so behind on movies!

  4. Give it a shot! But if you don't like depressing films, might as well ditch it (but there were some hilarious scenes courtesy of Bill Hader). Their issues just keeps on piling up, though at the end, there's a silver lining to all of it.

  5. Tell me what you think about Birdman because I'm still torn if it's a great film or not. Hahaha. Is Scandal good? I've yet to start binge watching that!

  6. Hello, Angel! It's never too late to make watching films a regular thing. I just sneak in a couple every weekend. It helps that I have friends who download a whole lot of films! Haha!

  7. I love Birdman! :) I'll be adding up your movies to my "to download list" hehe!

  8. I hope you enjoy most of what's on this list! Haha! :)

  9. Ooooh, I've heard of some of these movies! I have to check them out! Thank you for compiling this list, Trish!

  10. Helga Gabrielle WeberApril 20, 2015 at 5:50 PM

    YES 2 SCANDAL!!!!


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