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Pi (π) Breakfast and Pies

Three reasons this place piqued my curiosity: Breakfast, pies and well, the mathematical constant, π. To some degree, I like mathematics. Algebra is my favorite, differential calculus is okay but integral calculus is a whole different story. And I always find it cool when people incorporate math or science stuff in food. Oh, and another thing, π Breakfast and Pies is from the same people that gave us Pino, Pipino and The BRGR Project! Anyway, we've attempted to dine here last year -- twice, I think -- but it's always packed a couple of minutes after it opens.

Last week, even though it's a Saturday, luck was on our side as we were able to get a table! Hurrah! Also, I'm not really sure if they had that extension at the back of the restaurant before. We were able to get seats but it's technically outside (though the area is covered), so no air conditioning system. But we really didn't mind since it's more spacious there.

This is the view from the counter (that's why it appears dark). Sometimes, even though I've been blogging about restaurants for so long and been snapping photos of different places and the food that they serve, I am still hesitant to stand in a corner of a room to take a picture (and be stared at by people and be judged as some person who kills the experience because they spend more time taking pictures. I overthink too much. Haha.) Like most restaurants I've been to in Maginhawa/Malingap and Kapitolyo, π Breakfast and Pies' interior area is small.

Since it doesn't quite show in the photo, let me paint you a picture: The floors are checkered, there's a white brick wall and wooden furniture all over, with those industrial-looking lights draping from the top.

                                                                             More of the baked pastries they offer

Prior to going here, I already checked my Zomato app for their menu so I have an idea what I would like to order. Same goes for my friends Charm and Yuri.

Here's what we had:

Pino Iced Tea (PhP 65) / Cranberry Celery Cooler (PhP 75) / Lemon Basil Fritz (PhP 75)
Yuri's - Wagyu Beef Sirloin Tapa (PhP 245) / Mine - Beef Brisket Corned Beef (PhP 245)
/ Charm's - Caramelized Spam (PhP 245)
We all enjoyed the food that we picked! Since Yuri's also craving for something Korean, the garlic kimchi fried rice served with the tapa curbed her cravings (for the time being haha!) The Caramelized Spam, from the looks of it, you think would be something that would taste simple because it's just Spam. But this actually surprised me a lot! A definite must-try if you happen to visit π Breakfast and Pies one day. It's got that right balance of sweet and salty, and though the mix is kinda weird (served with garlic fried rice, kimchi, 5-minute egg, pesto and scallions), it actually works!

As for the Beef Brisket Corned Beef, it was delicious, hearty and absolutely filling. I've been reading flak on this dish on other blogs, how the amount of meat was not enough, how it lacks flavor or how there's too much fat. Fortunately, I loved the one they served me. It was tasty, tender and had the right amount of fat trimming because fat will always be a guilty pleasure! Haha! One thing though. It says on the menu that the fried rice served with is herbed, it tastes like plain fried rice. I overlooked the option also that the beef can be served in chili and garlic variety. Will definitely try that next time!

π Breakfast and Pies certainly didn't disappoint. Service was fast and the crew were friendly! There's just a rushed feeling overall, as the customers enter the restaurant nonstop. But it was a great dining experience nonetheless. I'm definitely coming back for a second round because I've had the breakfast but not yet the pies. :)


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Pi Breakfast and Pies is located at #39 Malingap Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City
Operating Hours: 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM
For deliveries, call (02) 212-1312
For reservations and pick-ups, call (02) 441-1773


  1. They look so mouthwatering! Now I'm hungry! I want to try their pies too, I'm a love both of pies and Math (I'm just more in love wit the arts that's why I never intended to be in business classes).

    Speaking of Mathematics and pies, when I were in my fourth year in high school, we made this "cookie/pie/cake" (I don't even know how to call it anymore because it became so hard) shaped like a pi for our Math exhibit. LOL. My whole class was amazed including our teacher. Hehehe


  2. You should try their food. It's worth the trip! And wow, you could bake! Envious. I think I'll never be a good baker because exact measurement of the ingredients is critical and I think I suck at that. Haha.

  3. Went to Maginhawa yesterday and wanted to try Ally's but my friends, who are working at IHOP, were sick of breakfast food already so we ended up going to Uncle Moe's Shawarma, Snack Shack and A Taste of Heaven instead. I love breakfast food and I can't wait to visit Ally's!!!!!!

    Aneth // anethfradez.com


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