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Larcy's Cupcakery Cafe Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons

Here's an irony: I'm practically living in the South all my life but (considering how much I love to try new places for food and CUPCAKES) I've only been to BF Homes once. Hahaha. After the whole cupcake phenomenon hit our shores, I've always heard about this cupcake shop in BF cal…

Pi (π) Breakfast and Pies

Three reasons this place piqued my curiosity: Breakfast, pies and well, the mathematical constant, π. To some degree, I like mathematics. Algebra is my favorite, differential calculus is okay but integral calculus is a whole different story. And I always find it cool when people incorporate math o…

Now Playing: Noah Gundersen - First Defeat

You discover that home is not a person or place but a feeling you can't get back.

But you're kissing me again, and I can't see it.
You've got a lot of nerve, half naked in my bed, you said, "This will be the last time you take me."

Weekend Movies #6

1. The Skeleton Twins. Some parts of the film got too dark and depressing, it's like having a glimpse of someone's private moment that makes you feel like you're intruding. I was truly blown away by both Hader and Wiig's performances. I remember Hader playing the character Stefon M…

Favorite Things #30

One.Satchmi's wall mural at their SM Megamall store. This music and lifestyle store's one that you'll fall in love with. They got vinyl, books, coffee and a listening room! Don't forget to drop by their Vinyl Day 2015 on April 11 at Bonifacio Highstreet Ampitheater! It's for fre…

A Weekend at San Juan, La Union

"Somewhere in your journey, you will find places. Places special enough that will make you want to stay for a while. Places that will make you dream of having a piece of it to your own one day. Places that you’ll want to keep forever. These places are rare. Because our wandering feet can’t st…
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