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Here are some of my favorite clickables this week:

One First thing's first. I've been sick the past week (it seems like a whole bunch of people at work got it) and still got a nagging cough, so here's a few pointers on how to take care of yourself if you're coming down with colds, or worse, flu, especially if you're living by yourself.

Two This list. Because there's a perfect eye roll GIF for all your eye roll needs. I'm pretty sure I do The Krysten most of the time. Hahaha.

Three What's the one thing that Brad Pitt always seem to do in his movies? At least we got that in common. Even in his latest film, Fury, there was a scene where he was eating eggs. And I think that's one of my favorite scenes in that film. And here's other notable things from other actors. Oh, Sean Bean.

Four Have you seen the movie Laggies? Chances are you didn't like it. Or it's just so-so. I can't really pinpoint to a specific reason but I was quite charmed by that film. And I was taken aback with all the negative reviews it's gained. So here's a nice review of the Knightley-starred film. I think it's not that bad, really. I liked that Knightley was great without the accent. I loved her white dress. The whole outgrowing people dilemma/reality was spot on. And I honestly think Sam Rockwell is extra sexy in this film. And that last scene! 

Five Here's a list of music videos directed by famous filmmakers. Did you know that Meatloaf's I'd Do Anything For Love is directed by Michael Bay? And also, Gus Van Sant directed Red Hot Chili Pepper's Under The Bridge!

Six I never actually imagined I would fall in love with a TV series so foolishly (sorry for the term) called Selfie. It was mentioned by friends (and said friends were even hesitant to tell me the gist of the series because they were already under the assumption that I wouldn't like it at all) and I even got a glimpse of the first few minutes of the first episode. Totally shallow and waste of time it seems. But then I still asked for a copy of its first season thinking it would be something I could watch over a boring weekend. And so the boring weekend came, I proceeded to watch Selfie while surfing the net. And by the time it was over, I was head over heels with it. I quickly Googled how many episodes Season 2 already has and I was met with the horror of horrors: Selfie was cancelled! I was almost pulling my hair out when I learned this. This was one of the best TV shows I've seen/followed in years. It was just heartbreaking how short-lived this was. Imperfect Harmony was my favorite episode (John Cho totally killed it! I was so sad and affected! Hahaha! There was so much ~feels~ just like my favorite episode from FRIENDS, The One with the Proposal) next to the final one, I Woke Up Like This. Forever #TeamCharmonique!

John Cho's totally DILF material. Haha. #sorrynotsorry