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Tomahawk Chops and Grill Kapitolyo

A stressful and energy-draining day at work usually makes me crave for something crunchy or meaty to munch on. And it being a Saturday, I wanted to finish the work week with what I've been craving for a while now: chops. Grilled, tender, flavorful and juicy chops.

I suggested to my friends we try out this new joint in Kapitolyo, Tomahawk Chops & Grill, that serves, yes, you guessed it: chops. There's been quite a buzz around Tomahawk on social media, and from the looks of it, that inch-thick meat deserves to be tried out. Kapitolyo just never ceases to amaze me. There's always something new (and affordable) to try out! If you want something Mexican, Thai, Spanish, Filipino or Greek, you can have it there! Ramen or sushi perhaps, or all-day breakfast? Kapitolyo's got it. So be sure to be always on the look out! I know we are.

Tomahawk endorsers Terrence and Joysi. Hahaha.

Like most hole-in-the wall restaurants in the area, Tomahawk was small... or so we thought. They actually have a second floor that can accommodate, I think, 20 people more. The first floor was like a narrow hall, glad they put the chairs on tables in a single file on one side of the space, it didn't look congested and cluttered. The interiors remind one of a Southern American restaurant, complete with the red brick walls and wooden furniture.

A little trivia! Tomahawk is actually a kind of cut that is from the rib section. The thickness of the meat is based on the thickness of the bone to where it is attached, usually an inch or two. The rib is kept intact and frenched (meat and fat is trimmed). The resulting piece looks similar to a tomahawk axe, hence, it is given that name.

The tomahawk chops may be ordered in two ways: grilled or fried (both PhP 295). We all ordered the grilled chops except for Terrence who chose the latter. The porkloin chops are served with "clean" rice, seasonal veggies and an extra side (you can choose from nine different sides). We also had buffalo wings (PhP 180) which had the perfect season of their cayenne pepper sauce. Crispy and flavorsome, with the right spice to it. Two thumbs up from me!

You maybe curious why the rice was called that. Well, when you have clean (aka plain) rice, you also have the "dirty" rice. The dirty rice reminded me of RUB Ribs & BBQ's sprice, like it's seasoned with different herbs and spices. It was a nice pair to the meat, that's savory and a bit spicy. As for their signature dish, it didn't disappoint. The chops were thick but still juicy, it was grilled to the right tenderness. The sauce it was smothered with was a combination of smoky, sweet and spicy, like a barbecue sauce. Though I was thinking if not for the sauce, would the chops be as flavorful? I'll order the grilled chops separate from the sauce next time to find out.

Tomahawk's gaining hype because it didn't take long before customers began flooding the restaurant. There aren't much places (as far as I know) that serves affordable tomahawks, this new joint is creating curiosity for people. I do hope all the desserts will be available next time. Try the place yourself and satisfy your meaty cravings!


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Tomahawk Chops and Grill is located at 56-A East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Contact No.: (02) 246-9069 extension 277 / 0915 513 5908 / 0921 576 4909
Operating Hours: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM, 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM
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@tomahawkchopsandgrill on Instagram
@tomahawkcag on Twitter


  1. Helga Gabrielle WeberFebruary 24, 2015 at 1:30 PM

    GUH I wanna tryyyy! 180 for buffalo wings is cheap, too!

  2. Yum! I would love to eat here someday. Btw, I just stumbled on your blog and I love it! I'm gonna follow you on Bloglovin!:)

  3. Thanks, Alissa! Followed you back!


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