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Marion Fayolle

I saw a handful of Marion Fayolle's works in Juxtapoz's Facebook page that instantly captured my attention. Juxtapoz is a monthly magazine that promotes contemporary artists and innovative art.

The illustration on the left is part of Marion Fayolle's first book titled In Pieces. This alone made me curious about her works.

I was completely drawn to this visual poetry, that words or detailed facial expressions were not needed to explain or convey the message. At some point, all I could mutter while going through her works was, "So right on point." The wordlessness is very enchanting, especially for someone like me who expresses better with words. The drawings have this whimsical way of connecting the reality of human relationships with the quite absurd and funny comic sketches.

And as perfectly told by Brain Pickings:

"Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, sometimes light, and sometimes deeply philosophical, Fayolle’s beautiful wordless narratives are anything but silent, speaking of love and loss, passion and betrayal, longing and lust. They are fragmentary yet meaningful, much like the brain fuses together disjointed pieces of the world into a cohesive image, an impression, a story. There are no panels, no speech bubbles, no backgrounds — just tenderly illustrated, meticulously textured, neatly arranged figures who explore the microcosm of human relations through subtle yet expressive body language that whispers to the back of the mind."

Fayolle also has light-hearted and humorous but provocative and sexually bizarre illustrations included in In Pieces. It usually involves body parts replaced with something that, you could say, is innocent. I found myself chuckling at some of the illustrations. One thing is for sure, Fayolle's art is never boring. Read (and see) more of those erotic drawings in these articles by Lost at E Minor, Acclaim Mag and Beautiful Decay

Marion Fayolle is a talented French illustrator, born in 1988 and graduated in 2011 with a degree in illustration from l’Ecole des Arts D√©coratifs in Strasbourg, France. She’s one of the co-founders of the acclaimed French illustration magazine “Nyctalope.” She's also been published by large media such as the New York Times.

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(All images property of Marion Fayolle.)