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Just Another: A Playlist

I've recently just discovered Spotify (boo me) and I absolutely adore it. I've stuck with 8tracks for the longest time now, just randomly listening to playlists by other people and making my own there, too, but Spotify's just super convenient and there's just so much variety. I've been listening to this certain playlist for a week now that's got 300 songs in it. What's even better is that all my current favorite artists are there and I get to discover more songs and artists as well. But for now, I'm still sticking with 8tracks in making mixes here for my blog. The aesthetic's just so much better.

Here are a couple of songs from that Spotify playlist I mentioned. I know it's tipping on the sad end of the scale but I really find these types of songs relaxing. Also, it's Valentine's week! Consider this my anti-hearts' day mix. Haha. Enjoy!

1 // Sia - Breathe Me
2 // flatsound - Don't Call Me At All
3 // Noah Gundersen - First Defeat 
4 // City And Colour - Little Hell
5 // William Fitzsimmons - You Broke My Heart
6 //  Joshua Radin - Closer
7 // Helios - Soft Collared Neck 
8 // Margot & The Nuclear So and So's - I Don't 
9 // Wet - Don't Want To Be Your Girl 
10 // The Civil Wars - Poison & Wine

P.S. Can you recommend some Spotify playlists that you listen to or even the ones you made? :)


  1. I love Spotify because I don't need to download songs and it has completely changed the way I listen to music :) It has basically no bounds and a shit ton of music to choose from.

    Here's my fave playlist:

    1. Pop Right Now! by Spotify
    2. Young, Wild and Free by Spotify
    3. #PowerBlonde Workflow by Alyssa Mowery

    4. Songs for Sunset by Spotify
    5. Feelin' Good by Spotify

  2. That's so true! I'm even contemplating to go Premium! Haha. Thanks for sharing these playlists, Grace! Definitely checking these out, especially #5! :)

  3. Hurray for Spotify! It made me stop downloading albums/songs illegally. Haha!

    My favorite playlists are Today's Top Hits, Dance Party, Morning Commute and Evening Commute all by Spotify, Love, Rosie by Anakin Yeung and Boybands by Nyleve Asuncion :)

  4. I love making and listening to playlists. This one's my favorite as of late. http://8tracks.com/imjennim/n-u-y-u

  5. Listened to this mix on the way to work tonight. Had that feel good vibe. :) I really appreciate you sharing it, Victoria.

  6. Thanks, Aneth! The first one I listened to was the Boybands playlist, and the first song that played was BSB's Incomplete. I already love this mix! Hahaha. Have you seen Love, Rosie? Been reading lots of great review about it. Definitely seeing it now because of the sound track.


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