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Getting To Know You & Me: 01

With both blog link-ups I'm participating in currently in hiatus (see my side bar), I've been looking for a while now for new blog prompts and link-ups to follow and join. I discovered Camie Juan's Getting To Know You & Me post and decided to join (something to break the monotony of constant food posts hahaha). It's not a regular thing yet on her blog but I do hope she does make it something recurring. :)

Camie came up with 5 questions that both she and anyone who would like to participate need to answer. You can either comment on her blog entry or make a separate post about it on your blog just like what I did here!

Here are my answers:

1. Are you sunrise, daylight, twilight, or night? Please share why you picked your time of day?
Twilight, sunset and night. I've learned to fully appreciate nighttime now that I'm working nights/on the graveyard shift for the past 3 years, perhaps? There's just something mesmerizing about that moment just before the sunset, during sunset and when the sky is finally enveloped in black and draped with stars: time seems to slow down, it feels calmer and cooler, and the skylines are prettier. Best of all, on most days, less traffic!

2. What is one goal you’d like to accomplish in your lifetime?
Get a degree in Multimedia Arts. I'm, right now, not looking forward to the very distant future, just on the realms of time that's within my grasp. And that's what I would like to get accomplished.

3. If you could meet any historical figure, who would you choose and why?
Definitely John Lennon. He's at the top of the list. He was already long gone when I began appreciating good music so I would love to have an opportunity to meet him. There's so much out there to read about him, both bad and good, but I thought someone who could write a beautiful song like Woman (among other things) is a great man. But I would also very much like to meet and speak to Andy Warhol, Charles Bukowski, the Bronte sisters and Pablo Neruda.

4. You’ve discovered a time machine. Where and when would you travel to?
Back to any concert of The Civil Wars. Honestly, I'm still not over that the duo's broken up. I just want to see them perform live... even just once.

5. If your life had a slogan, what would it say?
"Don't just exist. Live." 


  1. Nice answers! Can never go wrong with John Lennon!

  2. "Don't just exist. Live."

    Love all your answers! <3

  3. I live near Kapitolyo but I rarely go there to eat. Weird, right? There was one time we tried tho, we drove around and saw the wide range of restaurants in the area. But we ended up in this BBQ place near a coffee shop, I forgot.

    One day talaga, I'll explore this place!

  4. How can you not have eaten at Kapitolyo yet???? I'm sure you'll find something that you'll love. We always like going here because we never run out of options, and there's always a new food joint to try!


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