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Cafe Travel

Late last month, Ian asked me to join him visit this new cafe along Taft. From the name of the place, of course, I assumed it would have a travel theme to it -- luggage, backpacks, globes, geographical pieces, maps, the works, you know? But I was a bit surprised when we got there that it was a Korean cafe. Are Korean cafes booming right now? Don't take it the wrong way, I'm not complaining. Haha. It was just a bit unexpected.

I was asking because there's Subspace in Ortigas, Cafe Noriter, (both I've already visited before) and then Cafe de Seoul (opened last March 2013) which are located in Taft Avenue, and Mr. Park's Bread and Cakes. Cafe Travel basically has the same concept as Cafe Noriter, Subspace has an edgier interior design, and Cafe de Seoul has a more minimalist approach.

Anyway, of course, we arrived again early but they were nice enough to let us in 5 minutes before their supposed opening time. We placed our order for drinks and dessert before looking for a spot to settle.

If you've been to Cafe Noriter, then you already have an idea what to anticipate here. (If you look at Cafe Travel's About on their Facebook page, it actually says there "Cafe.Travel is the new international trademark of Cafe Noriter!" so I suppose they're sister companies of sorts?) I guess since it's newly opened, the place looks bright and capacious. I really like the privacy that this type of set-up provides! Each nook and deck have designated tables and pillows that you can use as a cushion to seat on or for your back (in place of chairs). And don't forget to remove your footwear before going inside the cubicles or climbing the stairs.

Evident also are the colorful sticky notes posted basically anywhere and everywhere in the cafe. These notepapers are available for everyone's use: for professions of love, doodles and art, broadcasting your phone number, quotes to live by, announcements -- yep, anything. Most of the ones we've seen says something like "[Insert name] was here." or "[Insert name] loves [insert name]." Ah. To be young and in love. Hahaha!

We picked the leftmost corner because it's bigger than most cubicles and also, natural light!

We sampled their Red Velvet and Dark Chocolate Cakes and their Caramel Frapuccino and Latte (okay, totally not sure with the names of the drinks, I forgot. I'll do some digging and get back to this). Some might think it's a little pricey but, I think, given that you can spend a while here, just lounging around with friends or studying for exams, it's gonna be worth the cash you shell out.

So if you're around the area, make sure to drop by, if not, I highly recommend adding Cafe Travel to your must-visit cafes list. Hope they have their Wi-Fi up and running when we come back!


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Cafe Travel is located at Archer’s Nook Dormitory - 2464 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila
Contact No.: 0915-991-8416
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  1. It does look like Cafe Noriter but since it's travel-themed, it reminds me of cute hostels rin! Cute place, I'd like to go but it's so far lang!

  2. That's what I had in mind, too. I think it's more for the college kids, being around universities and all. Might come back but not soon.

  3. True, it looks like Cafe Noriter! Korean cafes are sprouting like mushrooms too in Cebu, but I'm not complaining 'coz I actually like the cute and feel-good vibes of those cafes. :)

  4. Really nice! I've never been to any Korean cafe here in the Philippines but hey, I have enough when I was in Korea!

  5. I don't know what's with the Taft area why they keep popping up there. I hope there would be cafes like this in other places in the metro!

  6. The place looks wonderful! Now, time to go and check this place out. Hehe :D

  7. Tell me how it goes, Jhanzey! :)

  8. I will! I think I'll be able to drop by in a couple of weeks (it's pretty much out of the way from my regular route), but I'd definitely love to visit. Hehe! <3

  9. What time does it open? :)

  10. until what time are they open?

  11. I'm not so sure. I guess around 10PM? Noriter operates at that time din kasi.


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