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Weekend Movies #5

I made this top 20 list of movies that are worth checking out around the same time last year, and I realized that I've managed to watch 14 out of that list. Yay for me! Some of the movies I've included in this week's Weekend Movies are on that list, and there's a couple that had quite a buzz that I just had to see it for myself. But any movie you choose to watch from this pile is definitely worth the couch potato points!

1. Boyhood. Films always had the ability to take us to different places and times, and Linklater may have already been a master of it. Boyhood (well, Linklater) has this effortless way of making us feel like we're a part of the movie, that the characters transcends the bounds of fiction and real life. There are no great scenes to this film, nothing close to a climax but was still every bit interesting. Boyhood gave a whole new meaning to coming of age. (µ)

2. The Interview. It's hard not to watch this film given how it's been made so controversial. Was it worth all the hullabaloo? For you to judge. It's funny and shallow and stupid at some point but nonetheless laughter-inducing. There were a lot of cameos! Simply put, it was a film that was intended to be about North Korea's leader but it was not at all about North Korea's leader. (µ)

3. The Double. Dark, haunting and creepy, but definitely not a horror film. This has quickly become of my favorite movies ever. There's that certain level of oddity that makes your skin crawl sometimes but it was a wonderful, edge-of-your-seat ride all throughout the film. It was absurdly beautiful. Don't take my word for it though, it's one of those films that you absolutely love or absolutely hate. (µ)

4. The Lego Movie. I never thought I would learn so much from a movie with toys as characters. Commercialization, individuality -- too much of one or the other have its cons, and sometimes, being generic isn't so bad at all. It was comical and witty that audience of all ages would truly relate to enjoy! What a treat to the imagination! (µ)

5. Under The Skin. There's a feeling of eeriness with the often silent scenes and shots of the breath-taking Scotland. Some people found the movie dragging and lifeless but (I know not everyone will have this to say about the film) I think it was a great film that showcased Johansson's talent. Not very likable but it manages to get under your skin even after the credits have rolled. (µ)

6. Nightcrawler. Amazing Amy may have already found her male counterpart in Lou Bloom. And if there's a parallel universe where these movie characters do exist, I hope to the higher powers these 2 don't meet. Jake Gyllenhaal was just superb as the protagonist (felt more like an antagonist) of the film. I felt like watching Love and Other Drugs after just to wash off the bitter taste Gyllenhaal's character left in my mouth. There were scenes that left my mouth hanging in disbelief! The film was edgy and gripping and chilling because you realize that these type of people do exist in this world. (µ)


  1. I've only watched The Interview and The Lego Movie. I'd definitely add the others in my to-watch list. Thanks for this!

  2. Enjoy watching! Tell me what you think about the other films! :)


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