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RUB Ribs and BBQ Kapitolyo

RUB Ribs and BBQ is indeed a hidden treasure in Kapitolyo. It's almost disguised as, one would assume, an office space along East Capitol drive, save for the little signage that you'd definitely miss if you're not looking high enough. Don't worry though, Google Maps would point you to the right direction.

Even though we are Kapitolyo enthusiasts for a couple of years now, we've never been to RUB for some reason. We never went past Mad Mark's Creamery until recently.

After a tiring day at work (and after settling first with Silantro), Ian and I decided to go to this churrascaria for brunch. I've been reading about their delicious but cheap grilled ribs that's a definite crowd favorite and that much talked about 'sprice' really piqued my curiosity.

Like most food joints in Kapitolyo, the space was a tad small, holding around 15 tables, maybe? But the interior design's really cool. Walls were painted stripes of red and white, adorned with posters and some inspirational words by famous people. Another side had a couch with the background in black and white.

One of the perks of having your working schedule opposite majority of people is that you get to be the first customer -- no queues whatsoever (which in turn, enables me to take photos of the place while it's empty hehe.)

We had Buffalo Chicken Wings (PhP 260), Raki's BBQ Ribs in Singles (served with side of mashed potato and sprice; PhP 220) and the much recommended Pizzadilla (pepperoni; PhP 210). Now I know why everyone's raving about RUB's ribs. The slab had tender and juicy meat with that perfect smoky flavor. Not too charred and not smothered in sauce. The sprice (or spiced fried rice) was an interesting but perfect complement to the slab. It's got that flair of cajun flavor.

I really liked their Buffalo Chicken Wings because it's got the just right kind of tang and zing for me. And as for the Pizzadilla, this monster of an appetizer which was a hybrid of pizza and quesadilla, had generous servings of pepperoni, pepper, mushroom and tomato sauce in between two tortillas that is then sprinkled with cheese and baked until it melted. It was so good. For a moment there, I wish I had Tanduay Ice on my other hand while I was scarfing a slice down.

Smoked Pork Belly (PhP 200) and BBQ Chicken Salad (PhP 230) Photo by Muffet Sta. Maria.
I was fine and contented with my food choices until Burn's Smoked Pork Belly came to the table (before we knew it, the table next to ours all ordered Smoked Pork Belly hahaha). It just looked so good and sinful. And yes, it tasted soooo good. Melt-in-your-mouth tenderness! Okay. Definitely getting that next time. For the BBQ Chicken Salad, we all thought it was too pricey for greens but the serving was really huge, it's good for two people. (Muffet's suggestion though was maybe to separate the dressing when serving so you could have the amount of dressing the way you like it.)

After an hour or so of conversations about frustrating people, work and everything in between over delicious food, we didn't even realize that there was already a queue outside. Oh, another plus is that they have no service charge! Seriously envious of people who live in this neighborhood. Hahaha.

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RUB Ribs & BBQ is located at 88 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Contact Nos.: (02) 625-2939 or (02) 212-1212 (for delivery)
Online delivery thru the Twoanyone website