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Loops & Links: Spilled Ink

Today's Loops & Links will be a little bit different. It's not a random list of clickables that I found in the world wide web that's funny or weird, but I'm sharing a couple of blogs (pictured are my favorite works per author) that I've been following for some time now. These blogs share a common theme: words. Because I always had a thing for words, either spoken or written. Enjoy.

1. Red Blood, Black Ink by Inkskinned
I first found out about the author through the group Art Parasites' Facebook page. They featured this poetry (titled Houses) alongside an art work. I had a hard time finding more about the author since in AP's post, the author's name was just said to be r.i.d. After a couple of Google searches, I found this Tumblr account.

2. Happy Together by Petersen Vargas
One of my favorite blogs in the world wide web because: poetry, movies and music. From his Little Prince Tumblr theme to his works that's always filled with longing to the films he suggests, his way with words is something I consider to be an inspiration. (I hope I didn't sound too creepy. Hahaha.)

3. Giant Strawberries by Chel OaƱa
I found her (former) Blogspot through the blog link-up, Truth Thursdays. One of my favorite TT posts by her is for the prompt This Is What I Mean When I Say. Her blog's own Spilled Ink category is my favorite and definitely worth your time to read.

4. Sunday Morning by Marla Miniano
I forgot how I first found Marla Miniano's Blogspot, but I remember reading this post, If we don't speak anymore, around the time I was going through a break-up. I remember being crushed and shedding tears because of its intensity and how as if she was writing about how I felt. More than a year later, I'm still an avid fan and the one pictured above is my favorite part of her post, Today the world.