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Camiguin 2014: White Island

(Note: The actual trip happened last September. Around November to December last year was the time my lack of interest to blog was at its pinnacle, so I was not able to write anything after what happened to our first day in Camiguin. I thought it would be such a crime to not write about it here as surely, I would like to look back at it one day because you know, sometimes, photos just don't suffice.)

We started our second day in Camiguin early for our trip to White Island. If there's one thing that you should not pass up while in Camiguin, it's absolutely going to this beautiful, naked sand bar.

Ian intentionally booked us at July's Haven Seaside Lodge, which required a bit of travel from the port, so it would be more convenient and faster for us to reach White Island. We rented a boat to take us to the sand bar for PhP ~500 and there's also some sort of 'entrance' fee of PhP 20. It took us just less than 10 minutes to get to the place!

We were greeted by the crystal clear blue green water lapping the C-shaped powder paradise. Everything about this place is just beautiful, it takes your breath away. We arrived around 8 in the morning and there were not much people on the island. We actually found a perfect spot away from the crowd so we could take photos without people passing by! Haha. We had the Mount Hibok-Hibok, Tres Marias and Mount Vulcan as backdrop for our photos!

Happy feet!

I suggest bringing an umbrella if you're staying in the morning until around noon because it can get quite hot. We brought our beach essentials with us but did not have that kind of umbrella with us. Good thing you can rent an umbrella for PhP 50, and don't worry, they will be the ones to put up the umbrella for you.

I think the people here have gotten so used to the visitors/tourists, they would be the ones to proactively take your photo, and they got some photography skills too!

Mandatory jumpshot! Hehe.
The island does not have any facilities but there are little stalls that were set up if ever you would need some snacks or refreshments. But those are not permanent stores there, they bring everything back to the land after a day of business.

There were also fishermen who would come up to you to sell their fresh catch, and while you're here, you could also try having a taste of swaki (sea urchin; which then is infused with vinegar)! Yum!

All morning, we basically lounged around, took photos (and videos! Ian made a time lapse video of our stay), had a few shots of alcohol (hehe), smoked tea (it's a thing now apparently, read about it here) while we had Yuna's music playing in the background...

...And of course, we did not forget to take a swim and snorkel in the beautiful waters of White Island.

Around before noon, our boatman signaled us if we could leave because the sea is slowly engulfing the sand bar. We didn't even notice, because we were having so much fun, that the water has almost reached our things! Haha!

I am really grateful to have the opportunity to visit to this beautiful island with my friends! You could say this is nature at its rawest and best. This type of place certainly takes your mind off of things and really put the vacate in your vacation. (OK, that was lame. Hahaha.) I would not think twice of going back here and just lay down on the fine sand and float the day away. I hope that the visitors who come here will always be responsible to keep everything as it were before they arrived, same goes to those who maintain the island, so that everybody would have a chance to be marveled by this sight.

(Photos by Ian Manzon and me.)


  1. how to play with word and put emotions to it! Do we have something like this in Filipino? Naisip ko lang since naglabasan ang mga pop fiction books, wattpads prints at MSIII fans (I'm not a fan but I do not condemn those who are), sana mas magamit ang mga salita natin sa makabuluhang bagay.

  2. I've been following blogs na may Filipino prose, short stories and poetry din before but I guess the English language appeals to me more. I get what you're saying sa Wattpad generation. I've read one Wattpad story at sumakit ang ulo ko, didn't even finish it. Hahaha. I hope hindi ganun lahat. :)

  3. hahah I tried to! kaso d ko talaga nagustuhan.Nakakainis din ung iba n sinasabing, I love reading pero no offense meant, anu bang binabasa nila ? Sana yung generation ngayon mas mgbigay ng oras s pagbabasa ng makabuluhang libro.=)

  4. Hahaha. I feel you. I guess kailangan lang magstart somewhere, eventually sana they would get to read the quality stuff.


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