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Favorite Things #28

1. My favorite food find last month: Breakfast at Antonio's Reuben sandwich. It's got slices of housemade corned beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut and onions, drizzled with Russian dressing, with potato wedges on the side that came with a delicious curry ketchup dip. Lip smacking-ly good.
2. This Sagada cat. There were tons of adorable, big, fluffy dogs I've seen in Sagada but this cat is extra sweet and clingy.
3. I got some double terminated crystal pendants from Biyaya ni Bathala! I can't even remember why I purchased four. Hahaha.
4. Old films I found while packing my stuff. There was a time when I was totally obsessed with lomography, but I already forgot about these rolls of films. Still thinking if I would have these developed. I have no idea what photos I took with these.
5. My now curly hair. I had it permed before the year ended, and it's getting mixed reviews from people. I'm loving it at the moment so I'm keeping it for now.
6. Treats from Rowena's. Forget Colette's when buying pasalubong here in the South. Rowena's got the yummy tarts, pies, cheesecakes, macarons and silvanas. We always make a stop here before heading home.

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  1. I've never been to Breakfast at Antonio's. When we went to Tagaytay last April, Google Maps was pointing us at the wrong location (near Sky Ranch). We gave up after two attempts, and just ate somewhere else. I later found out that the restaurant is actually far from Tagaytay proper. :/

    Also, those treats from Rowena's is making me hungry, and it's 12:30AM.

  2. We also used Google Maps when we went there but ended up at Antonio's instead of Breakfast at Antonio's. Luckily, it was just about a minute or 2 from Antonio's. Try Rowena's silvanas. Sooo good. :)


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