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Closing Credits

Photo by Johanne Thelmo
The one thing I love most about blogging (or having a journal) is that you can filter and document which moments you want to remember and which ones you prefer to wither away with time. You can read your previous entries and giggle at all the fun you had without being bothered by the bad days of your life. And this photo is how I want to end my 2014 in this blog (that I have a love-hate relationship with the past month). This photo is how I want to summarize and immortalize the past year.

I am sitting right now at a corner of my bed, with a few aches on my back and thighs (Sagada was almost the death of me), looking back at all the wonderful things that changed me this year. And I'm thinking what kind of blog post should I be doing to cap off my 2014. I saw this photo from our office year-end party and thought that whatever I was thinking and whatever I was doing at that precise moment, that was me with less inhibitions (but I swear to God, I don't always do that in public), and decided that this time, I would like to write for myself.

It was a movies-themed party and our group decided to participate and wear costumes. I, obviously, dressed as Wednesday Addams from the movie Addams Family Values. There was this one comment from one of my colleagues that kind of got me thinking. When she saw me, she said, "Wednesday! That's so you!" I really thought of it as a compliment, but how Wednesday is so me, I have to do some research, which led me to watching Addams Family Values on NYE. Hahaha.

Okay, maybe it's because I wear too much black or it may be that I have perfected the resting bitch face a la Aubrey Plaza or I appear like I don't want to talk to you, but hey, I'm absolutely a fun person to be around. And true enough, I had my arms flailing like a drunk chicken (as evidenced in that photo) and have danced like your grandmother at some point that night (but I honestly think that your grandma has better dance moves than me!)

And all of this is what I want to remember. I may be grim and unapproachable most of the time (it's nothing personal, really. Still working on my social skills!) but I have this group of equally crazy friends (some more not in the photo) and family that make me feel that being a Wednesday is just that little quirk in me, because each and everyone of us has our own touch of madness inside of us. A support system that's got that balance of brutal honesty and understanding that's just right.

As for the bad days, let's just allow it to drown with the last sunset this year. I know there will still be slumps on the road as the journey through 2015 progresses, but I know I've gotten better at holding my ground and battling my personal wretchedness.

Cheers to big changes that happen the last minute that you can't do anything about but face it game face on!


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