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Truth Thursdays: I Have Learned

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(I know it's too early for a What did I learn this year list but I figured I'd do it anyway for Truth Thursdays because it's been a while.)

When a certain time period comes to an end, human nature is to reflect. Every now and then, I still find myself in some sticky situations and I gathered that life/the universe/the higher powers seem to teach me a new thing or two about myself. I'm 28 years old. Most people at this age has got it all figured out, but not me. I feel like I've just awoken this past year and I still find myself surprised with all the new things I discover and learn and accept and absorb.

- Holden Caulfield, The Catcher in the Rye
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Here comes one of the greatest struggles of the overthinker in me. Let's just say I'm one of those people who always tend to read between the lines or focus on the undertones too much, sometimes too much for my own good. Hahaha. But you see, I've always believed that actions in excess of the norm means something, that there are motives or unconscious intentions. Always. But I have learned that I am very wrong and that is not always the case. Some actions are just out of whim and that's that. Period. Plain and simple. There are no hidden agendas or other purpose. There's no more than meets the eye. You just have to leave them alone and stop digging deeper because in some situations, whatever it is you're looking for, it doesn't exist. All efforts will be futile.

- Mary Schmich
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Friends turn into strangers and strangers turn into friends -- that's a sad fact. The new friends, you need for the new adventures, the fresh experiences, for the discovery of yourself, your version 2.0, for those little nudges that you need to go out there and explore, try something different. The old friends, you need to keep you grounded, to remind yourself to always look back and see how you've grown. Having a friend that falls in both categories is one of the best things a person could have, having someone that knows you from 15 years ago and still stayed to create more memories with you is just the best. But there's things that are just simply out of our hand that happen that may be the universe's way of leading you to empty some space to allow more room to meet new people down the road, but you still have to filter the few who could be exceptions to the rule, to know who are the ones worth holding on to and the ones you truly need to let go.

- Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood
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I have to admit that there's something strangely comfortable about wallowing in self-pity. Disturbing, yes, but nonetheless, a fact. I realized there were times (okay, maybe a lot) that I took the backseat and let some circumstances take over the wheel and whined and whined about it. I keep on putting the blame on other people and their actions instead of assuming control and making changes. Bad things happen and yes, you're allowed to be miserable. Feeling sorry for yourself actually, at some point, feels good, but you can't feel miserable all the time. I've learned that it pays to be proactive instead of just being reactive.

This post is in response to Truth Thursdays' previous prompt, I Have Learned. Truth Thursdays exists to connect people through writing, to initiate something honest, thoughtful and meaningful. If you want to know more about Truth Thursdays and how to be a part of it, read here.


  1. Such a great post, I have to agree the most with the third mainly because I grew up with it. I had went through so much challenges and started pitying myself. In the end, I learned that I had wasted half of my life doing so. Those are times that I won't be able to go back to nor correct. I love how you said that it pays to be proactive. This is how I try to deal with life now. Hopefully I don't revert to old habits :)

  2. Me too. There were so many moments that I just let life pass me by, as if I'm only a spectator to my own story, and I ended up pointing my fingers to everyone but me, when I should have been in charge. Glad that things are different now. Cheers to some old habits that, well, had to die! :)


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