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Weekend Movies #4: Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves, I think, is the only American actor out there that I will always have a soft spot for. He's definitely not the first actor that comes to mind when I'm asked for my favorites but there's just something about this guy that makes me watch the movies he makes/made. Maybe it's his overall good guy image? Or the Sad Keanu memes? I really can't put my finger on it.

With John Wick coming out late this month (October 29 in the Philippines, I think, and I've read great reviews about it!), I watched a couple of movies over the past weeks that starred Mr. Reeves. Nope, there's no The Matrix here.

1. I Love You To Death. It's a pretty good black comedy. I have a general dislike for cheaters (LOL) so this film gave me a good laugh. A bit twisted. And it's based on a true story. (μ)

2. Devil's Advocate. You could say that Reeves' performance in this movie was not that exemplary, he's good, okay, but just that. Al Pacino did an amaaaazing job of playing the role of someone so evil and cool at the same time (aka Satan). Nevertheless, it's a must watch for me. (μ)

3. Constantine. This film is one of my favorites. I thought Keanu was brilliant here. When I watched this movie, I've never read any of the comics. So I was a bit confused with all the backlash it was getting from people (46% at Rotten Tomatoes! But then again, don't rely on RT for everything). Apparently, it didn't stay faithful to DC Comics' Hellblazer. But I don't care. I still watch it everytime it's on cable or whenever I can't think of anything to watch. And Tilda Swinton's role here fits her perfectly. (μ)

4. Dangerous Liaisons. Seduction. Manipulation. Sex. Wicked but delightful. Everybody's a pawn of somebody. This one I watched with Dino, and his description of this film was something like an older version of Cruel Intentions. Apparently, Cruel Intentions was also based on the book Les Liaisons Dangereuses, hence the uncanny similarity of the 2 films. Go ahead and watch both! I think Uma Thurman takes the cake on the naiveté part. (μ)

5. My Own Private Idaho. This just blew me away. And I just kept asking myself after watching it why did it take me so long to see this film. It's dark and heartbreaking, it almost feels like your favorite searing line from that poetry that never went away. Feels, feels, feels everywhere. (μ)

6. A Scanner Darkly. IMHO, not a lot of people would appreciate this film. If you liked the Waking Life (also by Linklater), you would also like this one (same visual aesthetic but definitely not the same level of 'it can stir up a good conversation with others' after). I loved the cast and the storyline. It was a mentally stimulating experience that I found enjoyable both intellectually and visually. (μ)

What's your favorite Keanu Reeves film?