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Kaye Blegvad

Today's favorite art is this short comic illustration by Kaye Blevgad called Can You Hear Me? I saw this posted on Rookie Magazine's website and instantly fell in love with it. It's got that special combination of whimsical, honest and powerful that somehow touches something in you. I found more of her works at her blog (which she aptly named Blogvad, haha) and learned she also makes art using paper (paint and paper and paper cutouts) and ceramics. Her illustrations (of mostly women) depict na├»vety, sometimes with a tinge of melancholy, most with that unique sense of humor of hers.

Photo credits to Philipp Ammon for dailymetal.eu
Kaye was born and raised in London but lives back and forth in the cities of London and Brooklyn. She describes herself in her website as "an illustrator, designer, and general maker-of-things, who enjoys writing about herself in the third person." Haha.

While working as an illustrator in New York, she also made jewelry (which were also based from her illustrations) for fun. According to this Etsy feature, "Most of my inspiration comes from ancient artifacts, talismans, religious iconography from many different cultures, and antique jewelry. I also look at natural forms, shapes, and patterns." She now has a shop called Datter Industries.

Photo credits to Philipp Ammon for dailymetal.eu
My other favorites from her illustrations were from the New York Stories series.

New York Stories
I just want to get close to you
You may want to check her latest illustration posted at her blog. *insert sad emoticon here* *sniff sniff*

All illustrations property of Kaye Blegvad.
Visit her official website by clicking here.


  1. AAAAAHHHH I miss 50's Diner!!! It's the best! Also, I just knew that that's the meaning of ZOLA. Haha thanks!

  2. Great post! I was blog-hopping and this post got my attention :P

    This is the kind of whimsical art that I love as well, a bit satirical, or sometimes, with black humor :))) Hello by the way! I am Aileen :)

  3. Thanks, Aileen! Her artworks really have the dark humor! I just checked out your blog and you've been to so many places! I wish I could travel more too! :)

  4. Love that last illustration although I must agree with Aileen, it is a bit satirical. I may have to stick with the jewelry instead in which, I find really cute. *checks etsy page now*

  5. Her creations are so intricate and beautiful, no?


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