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Harina Artisan Bakery Cafe

I think I can safely say that we're over our slight obsession with Kanto Freestyle Breakfast because we finally wanted something different to try for breakfast. A quick search using the app Zomato brought our attention to Harina Cafe, a place that serves breakfast that's located in White Plains, which is a stone's throw away from our office. Perfect.

Without doing prior research and just relying on good ol' Google Maps to get there, I think we've driven along the stretch of White Plains twice looking for Harina Cafe. We almost gave up (and our cab driver obviously wasn't too happy with all the circling around which I don't understand because that's why you take a cab, right?) and decided instead to go to Banapple when we finally found the place. (I saw in most blogs that they had a signage hanging that you won't miss when driving along White Plains but for some reason, it wasn't there when we paid a visit.)

I think they just opened when we got there because it's still quite hot inside. Though I really like the overall vibe of Harina. It's like the cozy, friendly neighborhood bakery that everybody in town keeps coming back to. (Well, after researching for this blog post, I found out that Harina Cafe used to be called Monsee's Chefs and Bakers. It was more of a bakery than a restaurant before, serving a wide array of breads and pastries.We saw the Monsees signage but since we weren't aware of this fact, we just kept passing by Harina.)

They also offer different kinds of spreads, cold cuts and cheese, muffins, a whole variety of pastries and other products.

I was expecting to catch a whiff of something cooking in the oven but I guess they aren't baking anything yet that morning.

On the table:

Ian ordered a Boscaiola (PhP 200), which is penne in tomato cream sauce with porcini mushrooms and bacon. Muffet had the Creamy Bacon & Asparagus (PhP 250), fettuccini in creamy sauce with bacon and asparagus, topped with poached egg. I had to order the Breakfast Tart (PhP 290)because it had all my favorite things in there: cream cheese, spinach, baked tomatoes, bacon and eggs on a puff pastry shell!

This thing of beauty is everything you would ever want in a breakfast meal, and it's big enough for two. What I love about it more is it's a dish that's very evidently carefully crafted. Presentation-wise, it was excellent. The dish was delectable and filling. This is definitely a must-try for breakfast food lovers like me.

When we asked what's their best-seller, we were told about their Bloomin' Bread. But since the serving of the food were big, we decided to skip that. But I'd definitely pay them a visit again just to try that, and order another Breakfast Tart too. :P

Harina Artisan Bakery Cafe is located at 118 Katipunan Avenue, White Plains, Quezon City
Contact No.: (02) 352-6721
Operating Hours: Mondays thru Sundays, 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM