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Egg-It Hong Kong Style Waffles Kapitolyo

I've read about Egg-It from Spot.ph and was instantly curious about the hype. Egg-It is supposed to be a play of the word egette which are famous street-style waffles from Hong Kong which, as I've also read, are surprisingly very cheap. I've never been to HK and the peculiarity of this food sure made me interested to try it.

Being frequent visitors of Kapitolyo, it didn't take us long to find Egg-It. We first dined on the restaurant beside it, Pomodoro Pizza, (read about it here) and decided to have a sort of waffle dessert at Egg-It after.

Egg-It is a hole-in-the-wall type of restaurant. Their space was pretty limited (but kudos for not making it feel cramped), there a few tables and chairs set-up, and the vibe was more of casual. Nothing fancy schmancy here. MJ, who was in the resto, was kind enough to let us borrow their menu while still in Pomodoro so we could decide what we would order later.

Egg-It's menu
I already had my heart set out for Mango Caramel, Ian chose Blueberry and Charm picked Cookies and Cream. Minutes later, the place was enveloped with the smell of pancakes cooking (which instantly puts me in a good mood~). We were all so enthused with trying the egettes, we may have overlooked that it was indicated that servings were good for sharing. Hahaha. So when our orders were served, we were a bit overwhelmed by the size.

The Mango Caramel was a fitting combination of the soft, generous mango chunks, and chewy and crunchy-on-the-edges waffle, made even better by the ample drizzle of caramel syrup. Yum! Dessert and breakfast in one! My second favorite would be the Cookies and Cream. I found the chocolate waffle really chocolate-y (for a lack of a better term, hahaha) which was enjoyable, as well as the crunchy texture because of the crushed bits of chocolate biscuits. Lastly, the Blueberry was a mix of cream, blueberry preserves and strawberry syrup on top of a fresh off the griddle egette. Looks really yummy but I'm just not very fond of blueberries. :)

For something delicious, filling and hassle-free, try Egg-It! I know I'll be back for the Black Pepper SPAM with Cheese variety!


Egg-It Hong Kong Style Waffles is located at 6F San Rafael Corner Santa Rosa Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Contact No.: +63 915 269-6424
Operating Hours: 8:30 AM to 9:30 PM
Official Facebook Page
@eggitwaffleshop at Instagram