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Coco Dolce Artisan Chocolates

If there's one thing that I cannot give up eating, it would be chocolates. I live and breathe for chocolates. Fun fact: I once went with friends to a ~*~fashion bloggers~*~ bazaar and instead of buying clothes, I bought chocolates worth a thousand pesos. Everyone was just astounded. Hahaha. I could tell you a lot of other times when I was chocolate-crazy but I'd rather not bore you with that.

I first had a taste of Coco Dolce through my friend from work, Cath, which at that time was in its most generic form: the plain milk chocolate variety, no labels and packaging yet and not even a name (or as far as we know). She just told us her sister's a part of the business and that the chocolate was from Davao.

We all fell in love with it because it's not too sweet unlike most available chocolate candy bars in the market today. The first thing that came to mind is that it had a certain depth and richness in flavor, like a toned down version of Cadbury but actually better.

The second time Cath brought the chocolates to the office, it's the one with Pili nuts, which, I think, was exponentially more enjoyable than the plain one. Kind of how Magnum Almond is way, way, waaaaay better than Magnum Classic! And since, this time, it came with a cute box, we found out more about this gourmet chocolate.

Coco Dolce is manufactured by a company called Free Food Coconut Manufacturing which is based in Davao and is said to have pioneered the use of pure organic coconut sugar and virgin coconut oil with cocoa beans. (I've done a bit of research about coconut sugar. To learn more, click here.) Coconut sugar seems to be the "lesser evil" of sugars so this chocolate might actually be a teeny bit kinder to your body. Also, according to this article, "Coconut sugar is caramel colored with a taste that is similar to that of brown sugar..." so maybe that explains the richer flavor.

Coco Dolce was such a delight to eat! I just wish it would be more readily available here in Manila. I'd be the first in line! I also do hope that they soon have other flavors, like the ones from my other favorite local artisan chocolates brand, Theo and Philo.

Shoot me a message if you're interested in purchasing these sweet treats. :)