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Between Lenses 01: Silence

Between Lenses is a blog link-up initiated by Tara of Tara Victoria and Trina of Of Trees and Hues. I'm so excited to participate in this one because I think it's such a creative collaboration, and it's the first time I'll be joining a photography challenge. Tara and Trina will be posting a word as a theme and people are invited to share their photographs inspired with the current prompt. Just capture it the best way you can! And it's definitely fun to see the different interpretations by different bloggers.

For this week, the word is Silence.

It's those moments between dreaming and waking up early in the morning, those sudden pauses that came with unanticipated realizations. Just savoring that point in time that's completely empty of words and thoughts while at the same time listening and learning from it. Silence pretty much took over my life lately. It's not that I'm complaining. Actually, all this absence of complications and turmoil inside my brain is very refreshing. I guess you could also see it as a moment of clarity. My life has been a series of ups and downs and hits and misses this past year, and I think, this may be exactly what I need.

When words and images fail, there is always the unexpected comfort of silence.


According to Trina's blog, Between Lenses' goal is "to capture & reflect upon life, to cultivate inspiration among one another and to connect with other bloggers." If you want to participate in this blog link-up, please click here.