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This Week's Recap // 6

It feels kind of funny to be writing with no specific topic in mind. I always make it a point to put up something here as much as I can, but now that I'm actually exerting some effort to make an entry that's readworthy (or something that is Thought Catalog-y haha), it almost feels weird to be not able to come up with anything. Though if I think about it, it's also a good thing that I'm not whining about boys and feelings and all that depressing stuff I worry too much about before.

Lately, I feel like I'm just floating but, you know, the good kind, not the wandering aimlessly kind.

I had a fun week, too!

Ramen Cool treat courtesy of Cath // Coffee and bikes at Epic // Movie marathon weekends at the Belachos' // packing all my stuff, which I hated // Stress eating at Chef's Noodles // Me from a working Saturday night ready to go home to Cavite

Though I have no specific goals in mind the past few months, I guess, things are just unfolding on their own. I've been better at work, finally have my own place (recently moved out of our place in Makati and now obsessed with decorating my new home haha), set aside the things I don't need in my life (lol) so yes, peace of mind (lots and lots of it!) and meeting new people (through that famous app and otherwise hahaha).

I hope it's not too late to say it (because mine's just started a few hours ago) but I hope you have a happy weekend! :)

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