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Weekend Movies #2

1. The Wind Rises. I have to admit I fell asleep the first time I watched this, and I kind of was looking for the whimsical factor in the film as with most Miyazaki films. When I watched it again, I have to say that this was the most serious film of Miyazaki. His aerial fixation was still there, with a more adult storyline (war, aircraft, tuberculosis). Here's an interesting read about the movie getting complaints. (Torrent link)

2. The Grand Budapest Hotel. It was funny with the signature Wes Anderson quirkiness all over. The Royal Tenenbaums is still my favorite though. (Torrent link)

3. Into the Wild. Nobody told me that this was a sad movie (which is a good thing in a way or else, everything would have been spoiled). Chris was certainly very wise for his years and we all wish we could do that adventure he did and live life truly the way it's meant to be lived. Such a heartbreaking-ly beautiful film. Alexander Supertramp! (Torrent link)

4. Donnie Darko. Coincidentally, this movie also had Jena Malone in it. The movie is a clash of science and religion. The plot was really good and Gyllenhaal's acting was ugh... great. There's a whole discussion over the Internet about the Tangent Universe and a blow by blow explanation based on Grandma Death's book, The Philosophy of Time Travel. (Torrent link)

5. Secretary. Maggie Gyllenhaal being in Donnie Darko reminded me that I had this movie. Certainly not your typical romance film but it is worth watching. Most of us will never get the BDSM/Dominant-Submissive lifestyle, but what I liked about the story was that this new lifestyle Gyllenhaal's character found with James Spader freed her from being a cutter, and Spader's character was finally able to truly accept his natural self. So good. (Torrent link)

6. Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. Okay. So I haven't watched this yet because I just finished downloading it. I included it in the list since a friend recommended it, and it's part of The Vengeance Trilogy, out of which, Old Boy is the only one I've seen. So it must be good, no? (Torrent link)