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Subspace Coffee House

Ever since I first stepped foot inside Subspace, I was taken by it. I know back then it was Kpop-inspired or something along that line, and though I was not particularly fascinated with the K culture, it just enthralls me when owners put effort to details in terms of the aesthetic of the place. Don't you just like it when a place has so much character? Subspace is a definite stand out.

The news of a recent innovation which I leaned through their Instagram account definitely excited me to make a trip back again after a long while, so I asked Muffet if she wanted to have breakfast there.

I like the new concept of the place. It's more... relaxed. Not too much things happening in every nook and corner, but it's still got that unconventional vibe. The chained chairs are still there as well as the grilled walls but most pieces are now different. My favorites were this black wall doodled with flowers and rabbits and porcupines, the deer head and the group of portraits occupying the wall where, if I remember correctly, the photo of the astronaut was once.

I wanted to try their bacon slab but it's only available during lunch, and we're too early for that. :(

Photo (left) by Muffet Sta. Maria

Muffet had the marshmallow chocolate cake and purple yam latte, while I ordered their truffled macaroni and cheese and red velvet milkshake. The mac and cheese tastes good! And you have to try their red velvet milkshake because... *I can't stop myself from saying this lame joke* it will bring all the boys to your yard! Hahahahaha.

The place is cozy, perfect for just hanging out and conversations over coffee, and that's exactly what we did. Glad we were first there, too. For, I think, an entire hour, we had the place to ourselves. So nobody's looking at us weird when we took too much food photos. Hahaha. The baristas present were super friendly and accommodating too.

I think I mentioned before that this is one of those places that I could occasionally go to, but since I'm now working in the Ortigas area, I don't mind coming back to try all their other products.

Bacon slab, I got my eyes on you!

Subspace Coffee House is located at GF Unit 103, Grand Emerald Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Contact No.: (02) 655-7077
Operating Hours: 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM, Closed during Sundays
Official Facebook Page
Official Instagram Account
Official Tumblr Account


  1. I have seen Into the Wild. i think this one was based on a true story. such a sad story. I love it though.

  2. It was so tragic. I mean, I'm sure he had his best days there but it was just sad that, that had to happen since I believe being in Alaska wasn't a permanent thing. In a way, I'm glad I haven't read the book. But now that I've watched the movie, I want to and will read the book! Haha!


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