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Nurture Wellness Village Tagaytay

A few weeks back, my mom asked me to go on leave on a specific day because they wanted me to tag along with them going to this spa in Tagaytay. Since I know I haven't been home enough and it was a Fathers' Day weekend (and I won't be home again), I figured it was a good time to make up to them (hehe) so I went on leave and spent a sort of early weekend with my folks.

The place was often called haven or sanctuary  by most blogs that I read online, and boy, it was  indeed those things and so much more. Tucked in the outskirts of Tagaytay, it was one of the most green and lush places I've ever been to. Trees and plants are sprawling everywhere but not overtaking the entire area. A perfect place for a weekend getaway from the city and the stress from work. Nurture was previously called just Nurture Spa and they rebranded to Nurture Wellness Village early this year.

We arrived late in the afternoon, checked in and was told of all the services Nurture Wellness Village offers. We were also handed the menu so they could prepare our dinner while we're getting settled in our room.

The lobby
Our room
We stayed at this room called Rosal, which is a part of a duplex-type structure (the other half was called Pamilya, I think). Rosal is one of the Superior Garden View Rooms that they have. Since there were only 3 of us, my folks decided that we'd just add an extra bed to the room.

The place really is a village because the rooms are built like houses, creating a sort of neighborhood, if you may.

The very romantic couple's bed LOL
The room was spacious, well-maintained, super clean and it has all the toiletries that you need. It has a cable TV, an airconditioning unit, a dresser with a huge mirror and even a coffee pot and complementary coffee! Safe to say, everything you need is within reach.

I didn't take photos of our dinner that night because I can't find good lighting so might as well just enjoy the food. We ordered Osso Buco (reaaally good) and if I remember correctly, Crusted Fish Fillet which was fried cream dory with mango cream sauce (it's okay, something new). They also have free WiFi but unfortunately that night, they were going through a maintenance so I was not able to make use of it.

My parents planned on participating on Nurture's morning Tai Chi class the next day so we had to get up extra early so we could have breakfast first. While they're preparing, I roamed around and took more photos. It's really hard not to get caught up with the beauty of nature surrounding you!

This massage hut made me miss Baguio even more. :(

More rooms
Glamping area
Glamping (glamorous camping) is another accommodation type here in Nurture. I think it's great for groups of friends or a team building with your colleagues. The Glamping package already includes the tents, access to the bonfire area, pool and other amenities, group activities and your choice of pampering service. I can't help but think of my friends when I saw this area. They would love this!

Bonfire area
The 4-feet pool

My favorite: trampoline!
Totally brought out the kid in me

Pretty flowers everywhere
We had to call the front desk prior to having breakfast to check if the kitchen was already open. After my morning photowalk, we were informed that we could already have our breakfast.

The dining area / restaurant
The dining area is very spacious and bright. Perfect for breakfast in a cold morning. Most of the furniture were mismatched, one table is different from the other, and there are a couple of paintings and crafts hanging on the yellow walls. 

Kale is their signature product! They also have herbs for sale as they have an organic farm, too.

The Organic Cafe
On the table:

Tsokolate ala eh
My pick: Tinapang Bangus (Crispy Fried smoked milk fish, fried egg, garlic rice and fresh fruits in season)
Pop's pick: Nurture Filipino Breakfast (Batangas Beef Tapa with fried egg, garlic rice and fresh fruits in season)
Mom's pick: Nurture Filipino Breakfast (Daing na Bangus with fried egg, garlic rice and fresh fruits in season)
Pandesal Toast with Kesong Puti

It's expected that a place like this would serve something on the healthy side. There were a lot of options on their menu (but breakfast menu is quite limited, just the usuals), it's not exclusively vegan or anything in that sense. Nothing out of the box with the food we ordered but it was filling and hearty.

My parents were the only ones who participated in the Tai Chi class that morning. Haha.

After our morning activities, we roamed around some more. There's actually a small gym at the back area of Nurture but I found it really small. I think it can just accommodate one person at a time if one would like to use all the equipments.

And of course, the highlight of our stay in Nurture Wellness Village: the massage!

Our treatment rooms could hold two people, my folks occupied the other half of this duplex-type house, so I was the only one in the other room. I indulged in a quick soak in the bath tub before the massage began. I was also treated to a foot scrub using coffee granules.

I chose to have the Arugâ of the Haplos Kalinga Massage Journeys. It's a 1 hour signature massage using Hulay Massage Oil – a soothing blend of lavender and ylang ylang essential oils – to create a sense of deep calm.

It was one of those moments in your life that you wish would never end. Hahaha. It was really such a relaxing and de-stressing treat. Thought, to be honest, I expected a bit more from the massage, but it was still really, really good. I had trouble forming any coherent thoughts as I kept dozing off but at the same time I also kept hoping that the 1 hour of bliss is not yet over. Bitin!

After the Arugâ massage, I was given a pot of ginger-honey tea to enjoy. The ginger flavor was really strong, it overpowered the honey a bit but for that day, surprisingly, I preferred it that way.

You can really tell that Nurture Wellness Village is among the cream of the crop of spas with their beautiful landscapes and complete amenities, courteous and friendly staff (I commend everyone for their excellent customer service!), and quality food and products. I love their attention to detail which is really evident everywhere you look. Sure, the place is expensive but I could say that you're getting your money's worth here. The ambiance and relaxation that they're able to provide during your stay is excellent and worth every penny. My parents were totally smitten!

My suggestions for improvement are: wider variety of breakfast choices and... a bigger pool, please!

Nurture Wellness Village is located at Pulong Sagingan, Barangay Maitim II, West Cavite, Tagaytay City

(We brought our own car going there, and it's best to travel during day. We're from Cavite so we're familiar with the Tagaytay area though getting to Nurture Wellness Village was a bit tricky. I used Google Maps to get us there!)

Contact Nos.: Mobile: (63) 918 888-8772
                        Telephone: (63) 2 710-9786
Email: info@nurture.com.ph

For their packages, rates and other promos: Official Website