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This Week's Recap // 5

Still stuck in a ~*~blogging funk~*~ and I don't think I could come up with some ooh and aah worthy posts anytime soon. IDRK what's happening but I guess this thing just comes and goes. Add the fact that I'm moving out of our place in Makati (huhuhu I will miss Makatilyf~) and will be moving somewhere in Ortigas or Cainta. Also, I may be acquiring (or already acquired haha) a folding bike because bike to work with Muffet!

Life has still been pretty great, I've been busy with some worthwhile and not-so-worthwhile things but I still equally enjoy them. Haha.

So how's life treating me lately? Not bad at all.

1. Went to the Masato Show 2 weeks ago in Buddha Bar (LOL I know Buddha Bar~) for my friend, CJ, who got an invite from Zomato. 
2. Finally checked out the new resto in The Collective, Rewind, which I think replaced Calda Pizza. :( So many stores there closing down, including Polaroid PH (double huhu) and Mochiko, recently. :( For those interested, Rewind serves mostly sizzling dishes. Nothing fancy. But place was cool.
3. Just another day at work with nothing to do. Friends trying to make me look like a ninja, but I think I turned out looking like a tired lady bug. Hahaha.
4. Breakfast at Subspace (puro pagkain talaga haha)! I liked the new design of the place: cleaner, daintier, prettier but still quirky. Try their red velvet milkshake!
5. Attended Yummy Eats 2014 with some friends, and this is the only photo I took the entire time! I think this was Pio's Kitchen's Bagnet Paella. One of the best concessionaires that day. My other favorites were The Butchery's saffron sausage, the caviar cake (was it by Kitchen Feather?), Yuan's Wings' chicken wings that were lip-smackingly good, Alchemy's macarons (of course), MAD Meats' smoked bacon, Lia's Cakes in Season's avocado cupcake, and Gourmet Keso's coffee flavored carabao's milk!
6. Spent my weekend in Cavite (yey) because I missed being hooooome!
7. But then typhoon Glenda came, so we were forced to stay in the office because the winds and rain were just outrageous!
8. Made the most out of pulling an all-nighter at work by watching Paprika in one of our conference rooms. Hehehe.

I don't know how long this silence in my head is going to stay but I'm quite getting the hang of it... which may be a bad thing. Haha. Hopefully next time, when I click 'Create Post,' I would be able to put something and not just stare at it the entire day. 

Have a lovely weekend!

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