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Favorite Things #25

I may have reached my "participating" limit over the last weekend. Had a migraine attack last Monday which totally sucked considering I was out with my friends from work for a supposed team building (I was asleep for 6 hours, I think). I realized I may have been going out too much (my mom never fails to ask me if I still sleep with all the things I do haha) and I may have to slow down. But there are times when I hate slowing down because when there's nothing left to keep myself busy on, I do a lot of thinking. And I don't like that.

But of course, there are still a lot of things that made me happy this past few days because, you know, life is great! :)

1. A photo of me taking a photo of something else. (Photo by Claire Magante!)
2. The rain is finally here! *tap dances* But please don't be too cruel. :(
3. Xiao long bao obsession in full effect
4. Porterhouse steak from Rap's Steaks and Cakes (The gravy is divine!)
5. The Perks of Being a Wallflower doodle in Cafe Noriter <3
6. Still a happy team building! (LOL @ the Q&A session by the pool)
7. Being reunited with my laptop. Hehe.
8. Bought films and a pair of batteries for my Instax! Let's shoot!
9. DIY peach mango yogurt parfait that I made (overhead shot because layering fail haha!)