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Subspace Coffee House

Ever since I first stepped foot inside Subspace, I was taken by it. I know back then it was Kpop-inspired or something along that line, and though I was not particularly fascinated with the K culture, it just enthralls me when owners put effort to details in terms of the aesthetic of the place. Do…

Weekend Movies #2

1. The Wind Rises. I have to admit I fell asleep the first time I watched this, and I kind of was looking for the whimsical factor in the film as with most Miyazaki films. When I watched it again, I have to say that this was the most serious film of Miyazaki. His aerial fixation was still there, w…

The Masato Show at Buddha-Bar Manila

Finally, it was Buddha-Bar Manila's turn last July 5 to experience the famous The Masato Show by world famous sushi chef Masato Nakabayashi. This sushi exhibition featured the live cutting of a whole 40-kilogram fresh tuna and turning it into delectable and unusual sushi and sashimi creations …

This Week's Recap // 5

Still stuck in a ~*~blogging funk~*~ and I don't think I could come up with some ooh and aah worthy posts anytime soon. IDRK what's happening but I guess this thing just comes and goes. Add the fact that I'm moving out of our place in Makati (huhuhu I will miss Makatilyf~) and will be m…

Avida Food Hunt Taft, Manila with Chef JJ Yulo and Thomas Torres

Around the last week of June, I received an e-mail invite to the second leg of the Avida Food Hunt. I was really intrigued with the thought of participating in a "food hunt," with the e-mail containing clues such as sampling a 30-year old authentic Japanese restaurant, a Korean-inspired cafe, a DLSU dining institution and many more. Considering I live in Gil Puyat Avenue, I was really curious of these places. And of course, I couldn't resist joining!

I asked Ian to tag along because he loves gastronomic adventures as much as I do and we thought it would be a nice idea to film the event using his GoPro!

All the invited participants were gathered at Avida Towers Prime Taft where the event started with a tour of the showroom. What's great about Avida Towers Prime Taft is that it is strategically placed in such a way that you are only a few minutes away from top universities. Plus, it is also nearest to three major city centers, namely Manila's Taft Avenue, Makati's central business district and Pasay's commercial centers!

Chef JJ Yulo of Pinoy Eats World headed the event, and we were also joined by Thomas Torres, DLSU Green Archers' point guard, to give us some tips and tricks on eating smart while on a budget around the Taft area.

As a teaser pre-food hunt, we were given this as clue to the places where we're heading for the day:

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Favorite Things #25

I may have reached my "participating" limit over the last weekend. Had a migraine attack last Monday which totally sucked considering I was out with my friends from work for a supposed team building (I was asleep for 6 hours, I think). I realized I may have been going out too much (my mo…

Nurture Wellness Village Tagaytay

A few weeks back, my mom asked me to go on leave on a specific day because they wanted me to tag along with them going to this spa in Tagaytay. Since I know I haven't been home enough and it was a Fathers' Day weekend (and I won't be home again), I figured it was a good time to make up to them (hehe) so I went on leave and spent a sort of early weekend with my folks.

The place was often called haven or sanctuary  by most blogs that I read online, and boy, it was  indeed those things and so much more. Tucked in the outskirts of Tagaytay, it was one of the most green and lush places I've ever been to. Trees and plants are sprawling everywhere but not overtaking the entire area. A perfect place for a weekend getaway from the city and the stress from work. Nurture was previously called just Nurture Spa and they rebranded to Nurture Wellness Village early this year.

We arrived late in the afternoon, checked in and was told of all the services Nurture Wellness Village offers. We were also handed the menu so they could prepare our dinner while we're getting settled in our room.

The lobby
Our room
We stayed at this room called Rosal, which is a part of a duplex-type structure (the other half was called Pamilya, I think). Rosal is one of the Superior Garden View Rooms that they have. Since there were only 3 of us, my folks decided that we'd just add an extra bed to the room.

The place really is a village because the rooms are built like houses, creating a sort of neighborhood, if you may.

The very romantic couple's bed LOL
The room was spacious, well-maintained, super clean and it has all the toiletries that you need. It has a cable TV, an airconditioning unit, a dresser with a huge mirror and even a coffee pot and complementary coffee! Safe to say, everything you need is within reach.

I didn't take photos of our dinner that night because I can't find good lighting so might as well just enjoy the food. We ordered Osso Buco (reaaally good) and if I remember correctly, Crusted Fish Fillet which was fried cream dory with mango cream sauce (it's okay, something new). They also have free WiFi but unfortunately that night, they were going through a maintenance so I was not able to make use of it.