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Truth Thursdays: All Things New

This prompt was originally for the start of the year 2014, with the following questions: "What are the new things that you waited until the New Year to begin? What are the old things you are swapping for the new?" But then I figured you don't really need a new year to have a fresh start or to begin a venture to the unknown. You have every day as a chance to do that.

It's the first Thursday of June, I can't believe we're almost through with the first half of the year. I was reading some of my old posts when I came across my ~sort of~ 2014 New Year's resolutions. And what do you know, so far I was able to do 7 out of the 11. I'm quite surprised and pleased with myself, honestly. *pats self at the back*

In addition to keeping these promises, I've also done some things that I thought was too late to learn. Like, for one, learning to swim. I guess that's why I never really liked the open sea or any bodies of water or even pools. But when I caught myself getting the hang of it (but I still need TONS of practice), I really had a blast (and found myself smiling in all our underwater photos and videos hahahaha)!

I've also been doing some cooking again. It's been forever since I last cooked something decent. Well, of course, not the gourmet kind. But on most Mondays, I whip up breakfast for myself and lately, for my folks as well (which I think they found quite odd). I have tons of easy peasy breakfast recipes tucked in my browser's bookmarks that I finally got to do. Will be posting those here as well!

I've quit one vice for my health's sake (3 weeks and counting! woohoo!) and will be sticking to chocolates as the only vice I'll ever need in this life. Haha.

If you think about it, we don't need the end of another 365 days to convince ourselves to start something. Everyday is a clean slate. A chance to explore. A do-over. There's ~7 more months to this year, and that's still a lot of time to challenge yourself and commit to something worthy.

What's something new you have done lately?

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