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1. Wee! My sort of movie review for Happymorethankyouplease was recently featured in 20 Something Bloggers' Weekly Community Round Up!

2. Have you heard of One Hello World? This is my favorite so far:

"We don’t have to do anything extraordinary. We don’t have to talk about anything important. We don’t have to make any hard decisions or hurt any feelings or say anything significant at all. We just have to be together."

3. How about A Softer World?

4. Here's an interesting read: 15 Ways We Can Put An End To The Dishonest Dating Culture We’ve Created. I could certainly use some of these words of advice because I haven't really dated, and I may have been a 'complicated relationship' junkie before. But, yes, I'm trying to change that.

5. I'm not big on reading fashion blogs but this particular post by Joanna Ladrido just made so much sense to me.
"You owe it to yourself to use and own the uncomfortable period of in-between and play around the lingering space that the world so harshly calls "loneliness" and you will find how that is the exact opposite of what it is."
I mean, really, why are people in such a hurry?


  1. Your blog layout looks good. It's simple so it's not distracting and really emphasizes your photos! :) Do you use a filter for your photos?

  2. I've been reading your posts and I'm so happy to see this! I'll visit Pan de Amerikana as soon as I possibly can. So cute AND, more importantly, very cheap :)

  3. Thanks! Yes. I actually use the VSCO Cam app for Android and use whatever filter appropriate for a photo. :)

  4. At Machiavelli Chocolatier! It's located at the Ground Floor of Rustan's Makati. :)

  5. You should! The place is both a feast for the tummy and the eyes! :D

  6. So that's why it looked familiar! :)

  7. Thank you! My boyfriend's name is Alfie so it'll be a good joke on him if I give him that *I think*. Haha! :)

  8. It's kinda scary though, how affordable it is. Is it really yummy? And the serving's just right? :)

  9. Hahaha! I bet he'll love it! And he'll love it more if he likes bacon! :)

  10. For the price they offer the food, it's not really that extraordinary. Most dishes were very simple, nothing fancy or anything. As for the serving, I think, yes, it's just right.


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