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Alice in Wonderland by Gianluca Maruotti

Being an Alice in Wonderland aficionado, I've seen the Lewis Carroll characters be interpreted in different kinds of mediums: illustrations, animations, films, plush toys, paintings, etc. But this is the first time I came across an Alice in Wonderland piece in plasticine. Plasticine is actually a brand of modelling clay which is putty-like (A generic term for plastic but with a similar texture to dough. Thank you, Wiki!)

This somehow reminds me of some of the characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I thought of the Mayor when I saw the Mad Hatter in this one. And ever since I saw the Alice in Wonderland (1951) movie, I always had this terrified feeling about the film but still I really loved it, and I think this was a good depiction of the expressions of the characters and the characters themselves, and the colors are fantastic! (There was something quite malicious with the Cheshire Cat's grin, something scary about the Caterpillar, and I have always been bothered by the story of The Walrus and The Carpenter.)

Before I babble too much about Alice in Wonderland, let me mention that this amazing plasticine sculpture was made by Gianluca Maruotti. He is a freelance illustrator, puppet maker and stop motion animator/director based in Rome, Italy. He also makes animated videos for cinema, TV and musicians, as well as editorial illustrations and picture books, mainly using plasticine. (via)

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